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Artificial Shrubs and Trees

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Artificial Shrubs and Trees

Exuding eternal freshness and ceaseless radiance, our Artificial Shrubs and Trees will be the main source of attraction at your next special event. Intricately handcrafted from smooth silk in amazingly realistic looking blooms, these cheap silk flowers in bulk and ornamental plants mimic the natural beauty and delicate charm of real blossoms. Your bouquet will look magically romantic with the fanciful fusion of Peonies and lush green foliage. Use these cheap fake flowers in bulk as a Bridal Bouquet, or fill in our Pilsner Glass Vases, Crystal Flower Bowls, Metal Floor Vases, Hurricane Vases, and Eiffel Tower Vases for a colorful Flower Arrangement, or decorate your aisle, poles, arches, tables, chairs, and backdrops with these vibrant bundle of flowers.

If you are wondering where to buy fake succulents and a bundle of flowers then you are in the right place. Tableclothsfactory provides you with an immense range of fake succulents in bulk and artificial shrubs and trees to fulfill your wish. Add a dash of natural green to any space with these realistic-looking fake succulents in bulk. Fake miniature assorted cactus plants are perfect to display on your bookshelf, coffee table, living room mantle, dining room table, cabinet, counter, kitchen window, bathroom shelf, foyer, and any other area to add an organic style and delightful shades of nature.

Besides home and office decoration, our fake succulents in pots and ornamental plants also make an ideal decorative accent for Woodland, Rustic Parties, Southwestern, and Garden-themed Weddings and Events. Either hang from Tea Branches, or make fabulous Rustic Wedding Centerpieces, place atop your Party Tables swathed with our Burlap Tablecloths and Linens, and accentuate with our Natural Stump Candle and Card Holders, Cactus Tealight Candles, LEDs, Burlap Flowers, and other rustic-themes decorations. Also, add everlasting color and texture to your decorations and crafts with artificial bay leaf garland which is also available in our Artificial Shrubs and Trees collection. These small decorative fake plants and garlands replicate the real foliage in an extremely realistic way.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to pot an artificial plant ?


  • Select a decorative pot or planter.
  • Cut the floral foam to the size of your pot so that it fits inside.
  • Decide the arrangement of your ornamental plants. After deciding, simply push them down on the floral foam. Repeat until all your artificial indoor plants are secured!
  • After the artificial plants for home decor are in place, use a glue gun to cover the floral foam with artificial moss. You can also improve its appearance by covering it with rocks or pebbles. Once all the foam is covered with moss, shake the pot a bit to remove excess moss. Then step back and appreciate your work!

2. How do you keep fake plants from falling over ?


  • Fill the bottom of your pot with 1 or 2 inches of rocks or large pebbles. Do this before filling it with moss. Rocks or pebbles will prevent your pot from tipping over.
  • If you are using a larger pot, place a smaller pot inside and fill the area between the two containers with rocks or stones. You can also use a longer planter and put several pots inside, filling the empty space with sand, rocks, or pebbles.
  • Arrange your flower pots against a wall. Pots are also less likely to tip over if you put them in a corner or arrange them together.

3. Where to buy large fake plants ?

Ans: At TableclothsFactory, you will enjoy all the aesthetic benefits that having artificial potted plants around you can offer. You can even use them to decorate exhibitions, offices, or just keep them as a stunning home display. Let our Artificial Shrubs and Trees add a touch of green to your home without any hard work or maintenance. From lush green foliages to peonies, all the plants you have coveted but were never able to keep alive before can now be at your fingertips at a very affordable price.

4. Where do you put fake plants ?

Ans: Artificial house plants are an amazing alternative to filling flanked corners or decorations because they can beautify and green up your home without the need to spend hundreds of dollars to reap the aesthetic benefits of a plant in your home. They're also a great solution for shady areas in the house like the laundry room, where it's challenging to get live plants to grow.

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