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2 Pack | 23inch Artificial Succulents Hanging Plants, Faux String Of Pearls
23" | 2 Pack
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2 Pack | 23" Artificial Succulents Hanging Plants, Faux String Of Pearls, Wall Home Garden Decor

$9.99 Factory Price
$15.99 Save $6.00
1 review
3 Pack | 3inches Artificial PVC Echeveria Orion Decorative Succulent Plants
3" | 3 Pack
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3 Pack | 3" Artificial PVC Echeveria Orion Decorative Succulent Plants

$4.69 Factory Price
$7.99 Save $3.30
2 reviews
9inches Artificial Tree Stump Planter Pot & Burros Tail Succulent Plant
9" | Burros Tail
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9" Artificial Tree Stump Planter Pot and Burros Tail Succulent Plant

$14.29 Factory Price
$19.99 Save $5.70
2 reviews
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2 Pack - 10" Tall Iron Air Plant Terrariums Tea Light Hanger
10" Tall | 2 PCS
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2 Pack | 10" Tall Black Metal Air Plant Terrarium Stand, Hanging Ornament Display Holder

$4.99 Factory Price
$7.99 Save $3.00
17 reviews
2 Pack | 10inch Tall Gold Glass Terrarium Air Plant Holder, Metal Hanging Ornament Display Stand
10" Tall | 2 PCS
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2 Pack | 10" Tall Gold Metal Air Plant Terrarium Stand, Hanging Ornament Display Holder

$4.99 Factory Price
$7.99 Save $3.00
3 reviews
6 Pack | 5inch Air Plant Glass Egg Shaped Terrarium Self Standing Planter
Set of 6 | 5"
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6 Pack | 5" Air Plant Glass Egg Shaped Terrarium Self Standing Planter

$27.99 Factory Price
$48.99 Save $21.00
7 reviews

Artificial Succulents & Terrariums Wholesale

They say, nothing can combat succulent plants in terms of resilience. Well, nothing, except our Artificial Succulents Wholesale from our online store. Crafted from high-grade PVC, they mimic the natural construction and coloration of their real-life equivalents. Furthermore, they are extremely realistic to the touch, which means they can win over even true experts of botanicals.

In terms of species, you won’t be disappointed either – our range of artificial succulent plants carries everything from our Aloe Cactus Decorative Artificial PlantsAssorted Mini Echeveria Artificial PlantsAssorted Cactus Artificial Plants, to Assorted Aeonium Artificial Plants and many others. Depending on how you would like to display our bulk artificial succulents, feel free to choose from the options of separately sold unpotted succulents, and the potted ones.

Those who are looking to surprise everybody with air plants in marvelous succulent terrariums wholesale, you shouldn’t look any further than our intricately handcrafted and hand-blown from heavy-duty glass terrariums. These hanging glass decors are available in an extensive range of sizes and shapes, and they offer plenty of room for creativity – feel free to fill them with rock or sand. We have indoor succulents terrarium like our Heptagon Prism Gold Metal Geometric Glass Terrarium, Light Bulb Vases Set, and hanging glass succulent terrariums like our Egg Shaped Glass Wall Vase and Flower Shaped Glass Wall Vase where you can put your succulents inside, and suspend at varying heights. For added visual interest, we highly recommend having an assortment of artificial plant terrariums!

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that terrarium plants (even if they are as unfussy as succulents) require much attention, which you are sometimes not able to provide when there is a big event on the agenda. To solve this problem, we’ve got you covered with our collection of Artificial Succulents Wholesale and Terrariums Wholesale, which will allow you to assemble tantalizing displays in a quick and inexpensive manner.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where can I buy fake succulents ?

Ans: If you're looking for high-quality artificial succulent plants that can be displayed forever without maintenance, then is where you should be. All of our artificial succulent centerpieces are beautifully made to add color and texture to any tabletop or desk, making them the perfect decoration for home and office or any upcoming event.

2. Where to buy artificial succulents ?

Ans: Buy wholesale artificial succulents that look real from TableclothsFactory and display them in terrariums, centerpieces, and other floral designs for weddings, special events, or even around your home. Simply place our mini artificial succulents in a transparent decorative glass centerpiece of your choice and start enjoying a maintenance-free miniature ecosystem. Ideal for adding a touch of natural green to any desk, shelf, or counter space.

3. How to arrange fake succulents ?

Ans: Like flower arranging, artificial succulent arrangements also start with the largest piece. Start by taking your largest succulent, then add it to the planter. Use a pair of wire cutters if needed. Move onto the next sizes, until you complete the arrangement and cover the entire top of the planter. You can play with the arrangement of your artificial succulents bulk until you find the right look that you like.

4. Where to buy glass terrarium ?

Ans: These days, you can buy suitable glass terrarium containers from almost anywhere. Of course, you can check on TableclothsFactory, and very quickly you will find a charming hanging terrarium or geometric terrarium so you can start showing off a striking display. While terrarium jars are generally used to display hanging gardens and hydroponics, their charming shapes have also inspired many to use them for gifts, chandeliers, modern home decor, miniature ecosystems, and art projects.

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