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Backdrop Stands

You can add a party backdrop stand to your wedding celebrations and make it fabulous! Besides providing a photo backdrop stand, they make your reception exotic and immaculately beautiful. We offer you several options of backdrop stand kits. You may opt for glitter, elegance, magnificence, or a combination of all – the choice is yours to make!

Our white ceiling drapes are subtle and sophisticated – and you cannot go wrong with them. Or else, you can opt for magnificence with our Crystal Beaded Ceiling Drape Curtains  – to add a luxurious touch to your bash! Next, opt for our heavy curved metal stand – to provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding stage as you take beautiful photos of the ceremony!

You can wow your guests with our adjustable canopy wedding booth that looks beautiful by itself. Now decorate it with flowers, lace, or ribbons and you have a personalized backdrop ready for your prized images. Next, you can opt for our Gold Triangular Metal Wedding Arch that looks refined and stunning. You may add LED lights, flower garlands, or balloons to create a striking contrast for creating amazing photos!

Although the camera is the principal tool used to capture images, a beautiful backdrop can make a huge difference between a somber photo and a striking portrait. That's why we offer a variety of heavy-duty backdrop support kits for simple seamless backdrops to intricately painted canvases. Our DIY pipe and drape kits are designed for the rigidity of commercial use. They are strong and stable enough to support multiple layers of fabric, accessories, and lights.

Ceiling Kits
Portable Backdrop

Give festive occasions and significant moments a touch of style and elegance with themed backgrounds and photo booths. Use our heavy-duty metal backdrop stands to anchor colorful and modest backdrop curtains and arches. Their elegant shape and solid metal construction will serve as a sturdy base for an epic focal point for your celebration.

We realize that you would like to relive your wedding ceremony again & again – even after it is over! At, we offer photography backdrop stands to add mysticism as you capture your magical moments! Visit us to explore our wide array of options. Select well to provide you with beautiful memories while ensuring they blend with your party theme effortlessly!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to hang curtains from ceiling ?

Ans: Nothing transforms a space more than having curtains draped from the ceiling. Create an entirely different ambiance using high ceiling curtains and novel lighting. If you want to hang the drapes yourself, the first thing you need to do is imagine how you want the completed installation to look. Then measure the intervals to be draped.

Next, locate the center of the wedding drapery fabric. Gather the fabric in your hand and tie it with a string or fishing line. Attach to the ceiling beam at the center of the banquet hall, and let the fabric hang and flow. Secure the drape to the wall or the next beam. Lastly, decorate as you like.

2. Where to buy drapes for weddings ?

Ans: From a beautiful wedding canopy to a portable photo booth for corporate events, DIY pipe and drape kits are a great way to create memories through all kinds of events. TableclothsFactory is proud to offer a great selection of linen drapes that can be used on any occasion.

With various colors, styles, and all the pipe and drape accessories to choose from, you'll never have to search for another online store to purchase other decors you will need to complete your events' finishing touches. Not only do we offer competitive pricing on all wedding drapes, but we also offer free shipping on qualifying orders, helping to increase your budget and meet your desires.

3. How to use pipe and drape ?

Ans: Here are some tips for using pipe and drape backdrops to help you make your events look stunning.

  • Who doesn't dream of having a spectacular entrance at events? And a pipe and drape system can help you do just that. Install satin drapes for walls and add some shimmering fairy lights. You can even lay out a carpet lined with flowers as an aisle into the reception hall.
  • You will probably be photographed more times at your wedding than on any other day of your life. Not only will people be taking photos of you, but the guest will be taking selfies and pictures of themselves as well. Wouldn't it be nice to have a place where you and your guests can be photographed with a beautiful backdrop? Set up some white backdrop drapes for a wedding reception, add some vibrant flowers and other decorations, and let the camera flashes begin.
  • Even buffet and dessert tables need some attention in events. You can set up table linens and drape skirting so the tables will look as polished as you do.

4. How to set up a backdrop stand ?

Ans: Set up your backdrop stand in a few seconds. You just have to:

  • Connect BAR A to BAR B to BAR D
  • To Tighten: Turn Knob RIGHT
  • To Loosen: Turn Knob LEFT

5. Where to buy backdrop stand ?

Ans: If you want to make a statement for a special occasion, be it a wedding, birthday bash, or baby shower, a great way to get that message across is through backdrops. And a practical way to display one is through a portable backdrop stand.

Find backdrop stands to suit any budget, from our conveniently adjustable metal heavy-duty backdrop stands to our adjustable curved backdrop stands. Take your pick from our simple yet efficient stands to more complex systems that can hold any type of backdrop and allow quick and easy changes. 

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