Balloon Stands & Clips


Balloon Stands & Clips

It’s no secret that no celebration is complete without balloons. These inflatable friends of festivities will infuse any venue with the celebratory spirit in an instant. In case your creativity is longing for more than balloons tied to strings, our balloon arch stand & clip collection is the best place to shop from.

Are you planning to bathe in balloons and need a high-quality balloon inflator? Depending on how many balloons you need, feel free to choose from our portable dual nozzle electric air blower balloon pump inflator or pump up the fun balloon pump. Whenever you are looking to highlight the significance of the occasion and provide a universal photo backdrop, we are at your service with our 12FT adjustable balloon arch stand kit, 12ft heavy-duty adjustable balloon arch stand kit, and 55" x 90" white metal wedding arch – besides balloons, you can decorate your arch with flowers, lush fabric, or whatever you find inspiring. To prevent your balloons from falling off, don’t forget to take care of your construction beforehand with our removable balloon glue dots.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that nothing can create that festive ambiance better than balloons. To help you with your crafts that involve a lot of balloons, we’ve got you covered with our collection of balloon stands & clips. Whether you need a balloon hand pump, adjustable balloon arch kit, or balloon ring, please don’t hesitate to browse our collection of tools for balloon crafts.

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