Bead Vase Fillers


Bead Vase Fillers

Are you craving to surround yourself with gems on your big day, but your decoration budget isn’t on your side? There’s no need to give up the entire idea just because of that! At tableclothsfactory, we offer our best to make your wildest dreams come true. With that being said, we’ve got you covered with our collection of vase beads & acrylic diamonds, which will ensure a great splash on a budget!

Made from high-quality acrylic with attention to detail, our Acrylic Ice Rocks crystals and Bead Vase Fillers mimic real gems with utmost accuracy – the only thing that made them different from their natural counterparts is that they are available in more colors than a rainbow could offer. Depending on your theme, feel free to choose from our 300 pack turquoise acrylic ice table vase decoration, 300 pack gold acrylic ice table vase decoration, or 300 pack apple green acrylic ice table vase decoration to name just a few! Regardless of color and size, our Acrylic Ice Rocks look perfect in glass bowls, vases, and glasses (you can even scatter them all over your table for a finishing touch!).

Meanwhile, in case your décor calls for lots of pearls, there’s no need to sail endless seas in order to find them – simply drop by our collection of acrylic beads and crystals where you can find an extensive variety of Vase Filler Pearls in Bulk, which, despite their life-like appearance, are artificial. With the immense range of colors, these pearls come in different sizes – thus, you can choose from our 35 pack 30mm faux pearl beads vase fillers, 120 pack 20mm faux pearl beads vase fillers, or 1000 pack 10mm faux pearl beads vase fillers.

There’s no doubt that you deserve to bathe in rare gems no matter what occasion is on the horizon. Furthermore, you don’t need to break the banks to make it a part of your reality – simply stop by our Vase Filler Pearls in Bulk, Bead Vase Fillers and crystal vase filler collection, and you’ll see that everything is possible!

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