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Beaded Crystal & Mosaic Vases

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Beaded Crystal & Mosaic Vases

Trendy vases are very commonly used by florists when making gorgeous flower arrangements. Exhibit your flowers in fashion and light and impress your guest effortlessly with our collection of trumpet vase wedding centerpieces. For those who are looking for a bold, glitzy centerpiece to glam their celebration, we have our 24" Tall Gold Beaded Crystals Trumpet Vase for you. Charmingly shaped in fashionable lofty trumpet shape, this dazing beaded crystal vase features rows and rows of lustrous beaded acrylic crystals in a luxurious metal wireframe for a pure regal look and feel. An innovative piece of art to add texture and dimension to your events and home. Light candles or put LEDs inside this sparkly crystal vase and watch in enchantment as the crystal beads glow bright and cast a gorgeous illumination throughout the room creating a romantic ambiance. Pair your favorite blooms and floral arrangements with this trumpet vase, or have it stand alone without other accessories to just as sophisticatedly elevate your space.

If you want to be the talk of your next social gathering, then we have our large martini glass centerpiece at your disposal. Our martini flower vase with a fillable stem is a classy and celebratory focal point that has a strong base to give your accessories a refined emphasis. Fill the bowl of the glass with floras, decorative stones, or other objects and you have the ultimate wedding or banquet centerpiece. You can also fill it with a variety of items for any event like cute edibles for a baby shower or candles to set the mood for a formal dinner, ribbons, faux fruit, and shiny Christmas ball ornaments to decorate for all the holiday parties. Surprisingly realistic, this larger than life-size martini glass for centerpiece is a real must-have. We also have mirror vases for centerpieces available for that added subtle charm to your celebration. Their strength and durability make them perfect for home or commercial use, and the simple, contemporary design can be accented in several ways.

Our Beaded Crystal & Mosaic Vases will surely bring out the class in your flower arrangement or event. Use them for decorating through the seasons, or for special projects. They are also perfect for any table centerpiece, whether it be at your home or at a large event, guaranteed that our products are very high quality and are sure to extremely pleasing our customers.

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