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Blackout Curtains

Your home has to be beautiful as well as comfortable for your family and guests. We offer blackout curtains to keep the harsh weather out and reduce your expense on utilities too! We provide you a wide range to choose from – that includes yellow chevron blackout curtains and many more made from premium polyester fabric. These are available in vibrant colors and different sizes for you to select as per your unique requirement!

Your family and friends will love our lattice print blackout curtains – that spell sophistication while keeping away harmful UV light from your banquet. Also, you may add elegance to your home space or function with our chevron blackout curtains – as they keep out the glaring rays of the sun from your event! Besides, you can create a unique ambiance in your get-together with our embossed curtains – that have a charm of their own!

You may continue to mesmerize everyone with our solid color blackout curtains – as they add a regal hue to your celebrations. In fact, our lavender blackout curtains will delight them as they provide an awesome backdrop for photographs! Next, make your bash truly stylish with our cabana stripe curtains – to make your home or party unique and beautiful!

Soundproof Curtains
Sun Blocking Curtains

At, we realize that you are using room blackout curtains for many more reasons besides hiding a dull window! We offer you a wide range of top-quality blackout curtains for your home and function. Visit us to explore options as you would love to use them for other areas in your home too!




1. How to layer sheer and blackout curtains ?

Ans: A perfect way to add visual interest to your space while giving you more privacy and light control is by layering window coverings. Draping blackout window curtains over sheer curtain panels, or vice versa, is the most popular way to layer curtains. But layering window treatments aren't as simple as it sounds. 

Before anything else, decide on the order of your curtains. If you want more control over how much light you want in the room, you can place the sun blocking curtains over the sheer window curtains. But if you want a softer, more intricate look, you can place the sheer drapes over the blackout drapery panels to achieve that effect.

Once you have decided on the order of your drapery, you need to choose the right fabric, color, and style for your curtains. You can opt for the traditional look with light-colored curtains. Or you can go for a more dramatic effect by choosing a bold color that matches your décor. You can also coordinate your sheer and blackout curtains for an understated look.

2. How to use blackout curtains ?

Ans: If you have irregular sleeping habits because you have night shifts or are a light sleeper, consider swapping your bedroom window curtains for blackout window panels to reduce health risks as they help keep your room darker and cooler so you can sleep better.

Hanging long blackout curtains is almost the same as hanging regular curtains. However, to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your room, you can combine single panel blackout curtains with light filtering window shades.

Another way to make a big impact in your living space is to layer decorative blackout curtains with sheer window coverings. This way you can allow the light in while providing privacy during the day with the sheer window treatments and simply draw the light cancelling curtains close to block light and prevent harmful UV rays while dampening noise for a restful sleep.

3.What are the best curtains to block out light ?

Ans: If you have difficulty sleeping when the lights are on, then there is nothing better than having darkening curtains for bedroom to prevent the sunlight and unwanted noise from invading your space to keep its ambiance subdued and suitable for sleeping. Aside from this, total blackout curtains and soundproof curtains also protect furniture and floors from sun damage.

There are many different types of blackout curtains on the market, but the best blackout curtains for bedroom or any area of the house are polyester curtains and velvet drapes. Whether you're searching for insulated blackout curtains for the living room, short blackout curtains for the nursery or just affordable blackout curtains, these blackout curtains with designs use high-quality fabrics and materials to meet your needs.

Additionally, we highly recommend that you explore TableclothsFactory’s wide variety of curtains that block out light available in a variety of beautiful styles such as chevron, cabana stripe, and lattice printed blackout curtains that will ensure a pitch-black bedroom in broad daylight. We also have an exquisite selection of solid blackout curtains that are durable, soft, making them ideal for layering.

4. Where can I buy blackout curtains ?

Ans: Not all rod pocket blackout curtains and grommet blackout curtains are the same, so it is important to be sure what you require in a curtain before making a purchase. Materials, style, and installation requirements are things to consider, and shopping with TableclothsFactory will ensure that all these features are up to par to get the job done.

We offer you beautiful living room blackout curtains ranging from fancy bedroom blackout curtains to thermal insulated blackout curtains that offer privacy and help reduce outside noise.  In addition to completely blocking out light, our modern blackout curtains provide insulation, making these inexpensive blackout curtains a great choice for nurseries, bedrooms, and day sleepers.

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