Boys' Baby Shower Table Top Décor


Boys' Baby Shower Table Top Décor 

Boys' Baby Shower Table Top Décor

Whether you want to use a moustache, a bow tie or you opt for some peppy blue decorations to throw the perfect baby shower party to announce the arrival of a baby boy, you’ll have fun finding the apt boys' baby shower tabletop décor from our extensive collection of baby shower decorations to plan the perfect celebration to welcome your little man into the world.

Impart a sensational blue theme ambiance by injecting all shades of blue to welcome the little lad. Our exquisite Turquoise Payette Sequin Fabric Roll is great for draping tables, walls and can be used as a backdrop and a table runner for an ethereal feel to your party. Either fill your vases and planters with our Aqua Rose Craft Flowers to beautify your tablescape or create DIY invites and craft projects for your shower decor.

Impress your guests with amazing place setting using our Plastic Silverware, Round Dusty Blue/Gold Charger Plates, Silver Plastic Disposable Glittered Glass Cups along with our table runners, table napkins, and napkin rings to make a striking impression.

Make this blissful day more exciting and memorable to cherish the sweet feeling of parenthood with delicious delicacies and scrumptious sweets. A dessert table is the spotlight of any baby shower celebration, therefore embellish this focal area with our Mini Plastic Dessert Bowls, Plastic Square Mini Dessert Plates, Decorative Top Cocktail Sticks and Cake Decoration Supplies.

Baby Shower Centerpieces Boy
Tabletop Decor Ideas

A Baby Shower cannot be imagined without adorable party favor containers, pick your favourites from our Blue Teddy Bear Favor Candy Containers, Blue Baby Feet Favor Containers, Blue Baby Bottle Candy Favors or Silver Candy Jar Container Favor With Lids and add an alluring feel to the event.

We strive to provide the best quality and unique table décor collection to help you make your event the best one. Get creative and think out of the box by selecting items from our boys' baby shower table top décor range to plan an event as a skillful event planner. Visit our online store and make your choice now!




1. How to make baby shower decorations for a boy ?

Ans: Another thing to consider when planning a baby shower party is the decorations. Although a lovely baby shower backdrop should be the main highlight of the event, a baby boy baby shower is incomplete without gorgeous table decorations and accessories that will help make the occasion even more beautiful and interesting. 

There are many baby shower decoration ideas for boys when you surf the internet, and it can be overwhelming. But if you are looking for inexpensive and easy ways to make your upcoming baby shower look fabulous, look no further.

  • A super cute idea that is perfect for any baby shower is a beautiful baby shower balloon decoration made from a gold hoop wreath adorned with blue, silver, and gold confetti balloons. You can use a balloon strip to attach the balloons to the hoop.
  • Giant baby blocks are an inexpensive yet trendy addition to any prenatal shower decorations.  All you need are alphabet banner stickers, balloon boxes, and balloons in various sizes. With just a little time and effort, you will have amazing baby blocks that can be used for picture taking or to decorate the gift table.  
  • A touch of blue and a few little decorative items scattered on the table like baby pacifiers, baby bottle candy container, and teddy bear candy containers along with a balloon box with a bouquet of beautiful artificial flowers on the inside will not only look adorable as a centerpiece but they also double as party favors.
  • Again, a simple decoration can be very impactful and it doesn't have to cost a lot either. Create a beautiful prenatal shower decoration with fillable baby blocks and a toy car or teddy bear that you can give to your baby once he is old enough to play with them.
  • Leave your guests breathless with a beautiful centerpiece that is a perfect topper for any baby shower. Fill a glass cloche jar with baby items like onesies, a pair of baby shoes, or baby bottles, and use these glass cases as centerpieces for your event.

2. How to display baby shower favors ?

Ans: A well-designed table for baby shower party favors has an almost magical ability to tie the entire table setting together. If you have chosen a themed party, your baby shower favors boy should correlate with the overall theme and decor of your prenatal party. 

Take a look at these six ideas and use your best judgment when deciding on how you can showcase your party giveaways.

  • You can place small favors at each guest’s seat or the place setting, preferably on top of the dinner plate.
  • If you are gifting guests a delicious party bag to take home, arrange them in baskets placed at the entrance of your home or the venue of the baby shower. Then, have a card placed next to each basket with the calligraphy written words "Please Get One".
  • Surround the centerpieces of each table with your favors.
  • Jar favors look great when arranged in three circular layers, one on top of the next, like a tiered cake.
  • For scented favors, such as candles, soaps, or perfumes, you can put them in shallow wooden crates. Then, line up the crates on a separate gift table.
  • Have one of your friends or relatives hand the favors placed inside ornate baskets as your guests leave.

3. How to set up a baby shower table ?

Ans: To add personality and help guarantee the success of your prenatal shower, it is important to properly plan your baby shower table settings to create a good dining experience for everyone present in the celebration.

Depending on the theme you have selected for the event, there are countless baby boy shower table setting ideas that you can consider. But if you are stuck and can’t come up with a visual layout, here are some details worth paying attention to keep the event going smoothly.

  • Like any event, you should have a seating plan that allows your guest to sit comfortably and still be able to interact with everyone else.
  • When choosing boy baby shower table decorations, it’s advisable to stick to the theme or color palette of the baby shower. Opt for premium baby shower tablecloths, baby boy shower napkins, and other table linens. Increase the palatability of your baby shower food table set up with cohesive tableware, table placemats, and napkin ring holders.
  • Strategically plan the location of the baby shower dessert table and baby shower gift table. It is best to have it in a place where it’s not an obstruction but where everyone has easy access to it.
  • For your delicious cakes and hor d'oeuvres, place them on decorative trays or serving platters and bowls. Arrange them all at the center of the table,  some placed on top of food stands or tiered risers to make your baby shower snack table stand out. 
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