Cake Stands


Fab And Functional Cake Stands That Aren't Just For Cake!

Cake Stands

Your wedding cake will always be the focal point of your wedding celebration. Now you can add on to its attractiveness with our lavish Cake Stands. We offer you a wide range of cake holders to choose from – such as our chandelier cake holder to steal the heart of all your guests! We also offer you innovative options like our square wedding cake holder and glass cake plateau – to make your function truly spectacular!

You can make our 4 tier acrylic cake stand the centerpiece of your event – as you arrange and decorate it any way that you want! Next, use our 8-tier crystal cupcake holder at your banquet - to present your cupcakes and other desserts in style! And if you wish to make your party truly magnificent – opt for our metal chandelier cake stand and watch light rays reflecting from its crystal pendants.

In case you do not wish to occupy too much space on the table – opt for our silver square crystal beaded metal cake stand that looks beautiful on its own! You may select our gold bejewelled square cake stand if that blends with your wedding decor in a better way! Also, you may keep it classic with our gold embossed cake stand riser as it will add grace and beauty to your party decorations!

Serve cold cuts and aged cheese or birthday goodies and create a stunning display on our cake pedestals and stands. For dressy banquets and holiday parties, place homemade treats on a metal stand as a centerpiece for the dinner table. Alternatively, set up a multi-tiered dessert bar on a side table or buffet with tiered servers and platters in coordinating styles.

Wedding Cake Stand
Cake Pedestal

Mix and match pieces to create a diverse spread for cocktail parties or pair our natural wood cake stand with metallic or glass utensils. Serve hard cheese and berries at the bar with wines that indicate hidden aromas and muted flavors. For everyday snacks to go, keep fresh food or baked goods on a pedestal above a kitchen counter. Complete the look with our glass cake domes or cloches that add charm to freshly baked delights.

At, we share your dream of using high-quality accessories for your special function. Whether you opt for our pedestal cake stand, silver cake plate, or chandelier cake holder, it will enhance the grandeur of your event manifold. Visit us to select the ones that you can use for your other celebrations too!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to get cake stand ?

Ans: TableclothsFactory understands that you want to exhibit your desserts in the most delightful way possible at parties and special events. What better way to display your sumptuous cakes than Tableclothsfactory's amazing line of cake and cupcake stands? Cupcakes and other baked goodies will look as appealing as they taste on our innovative yet trendy cake display stands.

These dessert stands are not only a great place to store your delicious delights but they also serve as a decorative accent to display food, making them great for entertaining. So, what are you waiting for? Add our handy and gorgeous cake stand set to your collection now. 

2. How to display cake stands ?

Ans: After the merrymaking, if you don't want your lovely cake holders to sit in a cupboard where they won't be used or noticed, you may want to make them a stylish organizer or versatile accent decoration. Put these cake pedestals to better and more frequent use by placing household items. They work well as organizers in sinks, bathrooms, and kitchen countertops, or add seasonal decorations and use them as plant stands.

They also make fabulous makeup organizers, or as tiered fruit or vegetable holder for a buffet and self-service beverage bar. Also, place one near the stove for oils and spices or use these beauties as a standalone decoration.

3. Where to buy 3 tier cake stands ?

Ans: Outline the perfect presentation and display your delicious treats and cakes in style with 3 tier cake stands from TableclothsFactory. Using a tiered cake stand will provide you with many more alternatives so you can get the specific look you crave for your dessert tables. As a bonus, your tiered cake holder can turn into a treasured keepsake that can be used over and over again.

4. What to put on a cake stand other than cake ?

Ans: Cake holders can be decorative or utilitarian or just plain fun. Some smart and savvy ways to use cake stands are as nail polish or a craft item rack. Also, stack and use them to serve lavish appetizers or fruits. For larger cake plates, use them to hold keys, loose change, and other small items that you take with you when you go out. 

5. Where to buy wedding cake stands ?

Ans: Whether you're looking for acrylic cake stands to display your delicious sweets and treats or you fancy a metal cake stand to transform your average party into something memorable, then TableclothsFactory's wedding cake stand is the perfect choice. Select from a variety of lavish stands that will make your gratifying cakes and desserts the highlight of the event. 

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