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Exhibit grandeur and panache with an opulent-looking candelabra and exude the regal aura for timeless tabletop decorations. Make a striking statement with an exquisite fireplace candelabra or augment the elegant and classic charm with a floor candelabra imbuing a majestic allure into your décor.

If you are looking to impart a soft and subtle glow on your tablescapes while also using other ornate embellishments such as flower arrangements, our 5 Arm Gold Candelabra Candle Holder with Hanging Crystal Drops is an exquisite choice to enrich your space giving it a modish appeal. With an enticing flower ball on top, the sleek structure of the candelabra and the scintillating crystal beads dangling from the arms will surely enhance your event décor tenfold. If a simple candle holder isn’t enough for you, opt for our 3 arm crystal candelabra that will steal away the limelight when the fluttering candlelight will create dancing silhouettes illuminating your event tables. If an outdoor wedding reception is on the cards, using our tall 5 Arm premium Hurricane Taper Crystal Glass Candelabra is the safest bet to keep the candles lit throughout your event emanating a posh charm.

We understand that adorning special occasions calls for glorious decorative accessories to achieve the desired sumptuous and elegant look. Fortunately, tableclothsfactory has an extensive cheap candelabra range that will help you to add that luxurious allure to your affair without draining your pocket. Please visit our candelabra collection to see for yourself!

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