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Candy Buffet Table

Boasting a stylish Candy Buffet Table and metallic appearance, our charger plates cheap bulk is great for enhancing food presentation at your catered events, weddings, culinary functions, outdoor reception, banquets, and even festive holiday dining. 

Decorating with charger plates that are crafted from a robust acrylic material that is strong enough to withstand possible wear and tear will give you an elegant service plate or underplate to dress up your dining tables time and time again. Tasteful scalloped edges coupled with classy gold color together will impart a regal accent to your table settings. 

Plus these acrylic charger plates on clearance will efficiently help in preventing spills and messes by catching any excess food and will protect your plush tablecloths and covers. For a truly exquisite presentation, pair these charger plates for cheap with our metallic gold-tone tablecloths, napkin rings, flatware, and stemware, and place them under gold-rimmed and accented dinner platters, plates, and bowls.

Relish the royal indulgence by topping your confectioneries and cake with our regal gold crown for cake topper. This gold king crown cake topper has an artistic metal construction and glimmering acrylic crystal beads accent and is available in gold and silver color. Crown cake topper silver will be a fascinating focal point at your upcoming special event. 

This crown cake topper silver is multipurpose and versatile and this beauty can be used to enticingly accentuate your candy buffet table, cakes and dessert station, candle and floral arrangement, or can become a charming centerpiece, table accent piece, photo prop, flower centerpiece, candle holder and more.

The unique shape of apothecary jars can add visual appeal to any dessert table design. Perfect for stealing the show themselves, these beautiful glass candy buffet jars are so versatile. Create stunning centerpieces by filling them with pearls, decorative sand, glitter, or pebbles. You can even make refreshing floral arrangements with fresh or faux flowers and foliage.

Searching for another multifunctional centerpiece idea? Create a convenient serving station or an organized centerpiece with our decorative serving trays. These glass tray decors can be a pleasant and quick way to update your party candy table and even your home decor. Display mini desserts like cupcakes, muffins, cake pops, and other mini desserts and create an enjoyable and functional dessert table look.

Glass Apothecary Jars
Cake Stands And Domes

Display your culinary delights in ultimate elegance with these stunning glass cake stands and domes that mimic the glossy luster and seamless sheen of sparkling metal. The high-quality, heavy-duty glass construction coupled with shiny gold tint gives this cake stands in bulk a truly whimsical look and appeal. 

High walled cake plate will house your cakes, pastries, cupcakes, tarts, muffins, cheese plates, and other delights in a perfectly secure and stylish manner, while glass dome covers will keep them safe and fresh. 

The ball knob on the dome makes handling very easy, while the coiled feet not only heighten the loveliness of this cake stands 16 inch but also give firm support to your desserts and dishes. Add an upscale flair to your parties and potlucks with a candy buffet table modern & with metallic finish cake stands and domes.

Whether you're looking for traditional styles, glamorous accents, or the coolest trends, TableclothsFactory's selection of amazing Candy Buffet Table containers will make it effortless to find the excellent piece at the great price.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to create a candy buffet table ?

Ans: Candy buffet has become a staple at most parties these days, from birthday parties and baby showers to grand weddings. Here's how you can decorate one for your next event:

  • Decide on a theme and colors.
  • Select the type of sweets you want to display.
  • Divide your table into 3 horizontal zones and elevate the glass candy jars and cake stand with dome in each zone. Always use taller containers like apothecary jars at the back, but make sure they're not too far away for your guests to reach for the candy inside them.
  • Calculate how much sweets you will need.
  • Design your table with a beautiful tablecloth, colorful backgrounds, and decorative centerpieces that will complement the party theme.
  • The last part is to add the details. Once you have all the candies to match your color palette, you can add signs to the table, use ribbons as cupcake toppers, add bling to the candy scoops with rhinestone stickers, throw in Marquee letter lights to the ensemble, and don't forget some unique party favors that your guest can take home once the party is over. 
  • You can also add fresh blossoms to spice up your dessert table. Freshly cut flower arrangements are perfect for adding color and personality to every dessert table. You don't have to be a florist to add flower bud vases or cut flower heads to your dessert trays and cake stands. It is easy! All mentioned are of course available at

    2. Where to buy candy buffet items ?

    Ans: Candy buffet tables can be self-created using glass chargers, glass jars, bowls, and platters that you have at home, or you can also give it a professionally designed look by decorating according to the occasion or theme. 

    You can order items like cardboard cupcake stands, regal crown cake toppers, charger plate gold, acrylic beaded charger plates, metal cake stands, cardboard cupcake holders, decorative serving trays, and candy jars with lids, etc. at We offer a variety of options that you can choose from so you can create a memorable dessert station that your guests will love.

    3. How much candy do you need for a candy buffet ?

    Ans: The quantity of candy and sweets you will need depends on the size of your glass apothecary jars and candy buffet jars. A great rule of thumb is to consider four ounces of candy per guest. If you have 200 guests, you will need 50 pounds of candy. The formula for this is the total number of guests X (four) = sweets you need to buy.

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