Ceiling Drapes


Ceiling Drapes

You have probably searched for different kinds of ceiling draping and have not found the perfect one. Well, search no more! Our collection of the best ceiling drapes will have your decor sorted in no time. For your decor to stand out, hang our drapes from the ceiling to heighten the entire ambiance. Our drapes can be used for indoor or even outdoor functions.

Our sheer ceiling drapes when used to adorn any function adds a touch of imperial atmosphere like our 20Ft White Ceiling Drapes Sheer Curtain Panels that ooze elegance and glamour. Our white ceiling drapes like the 40Ft White Ceiling Drapes Sheer Curtain Panels can easily match with any color for a soft warm ambiance. Effortless beauty that surpasses any decor is in our 30Ft Blush Ceiling Drapes Sheer Curtain Panels that will create a regal feel for your decor.

For a bold and daring look, order now for our 30Ft Black Ceiling Drapes Sheer Curtain Panels that will leave your guests awestruck by the richness of the color. Let your gold themed decor make a statement with our 30Ft Gold Ceiling Drapes Sheer Curtain Panels. Also, you can exquisitely cover your wall pillars, windows, arches, backdrops, and arbors with our soft, sheer, and very stylish Window Scarf Valances for an added appeal.

Whether indoor/outdoor, a wedding, birthday, or a hotel set up, be sure to delight in our wide selection of affordable ceiling mounted drapes. We also have other decor needs like centerpieces, curtains, backdrops, lanterns, gift bags, chair covers in various sizes, and materials only at tableclothsfactory.com.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to drape a ceiling ?

Ans: Hanging drapes from ceiling can drastically change a boring, unattractive area into an intimately sophisticated or festive environment fitting for a wedding reception and other events. Some shops will do the installation for you, but it is less expensive to drape a ceiling yourself. First, locate the middle of one of the lengths of fabric. Gather the fabric in your hand and fasten it with a cord, string, or fishing line. Append to the ceiling beam or fan in the middle of the room, letting the fabric drape and swirl. Settle the drape to the wall or the next ceiling fan or beam. Continue installing the ceiling drapes until they look proportional and pleasing to the eye. Spaces can be left open in between rows and filled with fairy string lights and Chinese lanterns. Hang the lanterns or fairy string lights using a fishing line to give the illusion that they are floating.

2. Where to buy drapes for weddings ?

Ans: There are beautiful wedding functions, and then there are incredibly unforgettable wedding receptions. You already have an idea that backdrops can help enhance the look of any party space, but how about the blank ceiling? Create a completely distinctive atmosphere using peerless wedding drapery from TableclothsFactory.com. If you are planning an enchanting fairytale wedding, consider our gold or rose gold DIY wedding drapery. For a formal setting, opt for elegant white or cream fabric ceiling fabric draping. Draped ceiling wedding receptions add the finishing touch you are searching for. With simple installation, you can quickly decorate your event with our wedding ceiling drapes to give it a luxurious feel at a very affordable price.

3. How to hang fabric from ceiling ?

Ans: There are many ways to hang your high ceiling drapes, although it often takes some creativity. You may need to use magnets with a hook, tension wires, chains, fishing wire, or zip ties. In other words, you may need to think out of the box to guarantee that they are hung correctly. If you’re using one of our Ceiling Drape Kits, you will first need to place the ring on the floor, below the starting point for your swags. Then remove the nut and bolt to open the hoop. Place one of the curtain rod pockets on the ring and spread the curtains evenly, arranging them to your liking. Once all curtains have a rod pocket in the hoop, retighten the nut and bolt. Slide a clear acrylic rod through the other pole pocket of each ceiling mounted drapes, and hold the fabric in place by using a positioning pin at each end of the rod. At this point, hang the hoop and the acrylic rods however you fancy. No matter how you plan to hang them, have your idea in place before the celebration begins.

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