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Christmas Charger Plates


Christmas Charger Plates You Will LOVE in 2020 !

Christmas Charger Plates

Dressing for the holidays is not limited to your outfit. In fact, it spreads throughout your home décor, from festive decorations to eye-catching centerpieces and elegant patterns on your dining table. Whether you're hosting a family Christmas dinner, throwing a party for friends, or just want to add a little holiday cheer to your dining table, we have the perfect Christmas Charger Plates for every palate. Make the most of your next holiday extravaganza with a table that is as spectacular as the menu you prepare.

Gearing up for big holiday hosting plans? Create a captivating table setting with the color of the season. Design a bright and merry table setting with our 13" Red Round Acrylic Beaded Dining Chargers. These red charger plates will look elegant, especially when paired with an equally bold-colored tablecloth and napkin.

Modern decor is very trendy right now, and our extravagant gold charger plates bulk embraces both modern and traditional aesthetics. 

 For a gala-worthy setting, our 13" Round Reef Gold Plastic Dinner Chargers, 13" Metallic Gold Scalloped Edge Acrylic Plastic Dinner Chargers, 13" Gold Round Baroque Dinner Plate Chargers with Leaf Embossed Rim, and 13" Clear Round Decorative Glass Dinner Plate Chargers with Silver and Gold Braided Rim are what we can strongly recommend. 

You can also blend our classic 13" Gold Round Acrylic Beaded Dining Chargers, 13" Round Gold Acrylic Service Plates, and 13" Round Gold Glitter Acrylic Plastic Service Plates with our white dinner plates and geometric terrariums for an upscale and classy look with a raw, modern twist.

Traditional white dinnerware is so versatile that it can blend with any style, including urban chic or casual farmhouse. Our adorable set of 13" White Round Baroque Service Plates with Leaf Embossed Antique Gold Rim, 13" Round Reef White Plastic Dinner Plate Chargers, and 13" White with Gold Scalloped Edge Acrylic Plastic Dinner Plate Chargers will make a great addition to your tableware. 

These white charger plates will instantly bring the holiday spirit to any table and can be easily matched with any solid-color dinnerware. Hit it up with contrasting plates patterned with pleasant holiday designs or stained glassware. 

Disposable Charger Plates
Service Plates

Whether or not you plan on setting a formal table this holiday season, our 12" Rustic Natural Wood Slices15" Rustic Natural Wood Slices, and 13"x11" Rustic Natural Wood Slices are just some of the rustic charger plates that you can use as placemats for beautiful plates to make even the dullest place settings more festive. 

Pair these natural chargers with greenery and burlap linen, and you'll have a holiday look you can reuse all year long. For a casual setting that works for a variety of events, you can stick with our silver charger plates and green charger plates. Match them with linens and glasses in complementing shades and you'll have yourself a remarkable holiday centerpiece.

At TableclothsFactory, we understand that the holiday feast is the culmination of the season for most families. With a well-decorated table at the center of your evening, your Christmas dinner is sure to be a hit. That's why we constantly update our inventory so you can spruce up your tables with affordable disposable charger plates at any time of the year. 

The only thing better than enjoying a delicious Christmas banquet with family and friends is feeding off of our festive Christmas Charger Plates. Other than that, our holiday service plates will also look great on a wall or used as a candle base. They make a great holiday gift too!


 Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Can you eat off a charger plate ?

Ans: You can't eat off a service plate because they are not intended to come in contact with food. Their main purpose is to add to the visual effect of your table setting and allow servers to efficiently take away plates and bowls after guests are done with the main entree.

2. Can you spray paint charger plates ?

Ans: Yes absolutely! You can consider using plastic friendly spray paint. You can even choose between a satin finish or a gloss finish. After the paint dries, you can seal it off with Natural Wax.

3. Where can I buy charger plates ?

Ans: Enhance your friend's and family's holiday dining experience by serving entrees with the help of TableclothsFactory's festive Christmas charger plates. If you’re looking for a wonderful addition to your holiday dinnerware at affordable prices, our disposable charger plates offer a fantastic way to add pizzazz to your Christmas tabletops. Regardless of how you choose to embellish your Christmas dinner table, here is where you will find the perfect Christmas dining charger, especially if you are all about experimenting with different looks and styles. Don't forget to stock up on other holiday-themed items like tablecloths, linen napkins, and silverware to achieve a comprehensive holiday table setting.

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