Classic Polyester Table Skirts


Classic Polyester Table Skirts

As an established event planner or an avid party maker, you may find yourself helpless without our universal pleated table skirts, which offer exceptional quality and can blend in with any décor. Whichever tables you are dealing with now and plan to deal with in the future, we strongly recommend you consider our polyester table skirts. Sewn from durable polyester, they are absolutely hassle-free. Featuring lovely pleats, our banquet table skirts will win your heart with their voluminous appearance.

In terms of sizes, we’ll cater to your needs with our 14FT pleated polyester table skirt, 17FT pleated polyester table skirt, and 21FT pleated polyester table skirt. With the rainbow of colors, you will always leave our store with a perfect match for your event palette. For a classic setup, it is highly recommended to dress up your tables with our white pleated polyester table skirt or ivory pleated polyester table skirt. Meanwhile, your contemporary-style tabletop will acquire that visual interest with the help of our silver pleated polyester table skirt or charcoal grey pleated polyester table skirt. To bring in bolder hues, feel free to shop from our collection of wedding table skirts for our red pleated polyester table skirt, royal blue pleated polyester table skirt, or burgundy pleated polyester table skirt.

At tableclothsfactory, we strive to provide you with high-grade accessories for your future event. Whenever table skirts for weddings are needed, don’t hesitate to stop by our collection of restaurant linens.

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