Crown Cake Topper


Crown Cake Topper For A Stunning DIY Cake Decor!


Crown Cake Topper

Enjoy the eminent guilty pleasure of adorning your delectable cakes and desserts with imperial magnificent pieces of Crown Cake Toppers. Highlighting the creative development of metal and sparkling acrylic accents, these majestic crown cake toppers will be an intriguing focal point on your next grand celebration.

Seated on top of your wedding cake, this magnificent wedding cake toppers will amplify the delightful intrigue of its sweet flavors. For a truly royal presentation, pair these sparkly crown cake toppers with our deluxe display stands. Like our metal and crystal Cake Stands, Cake Trays, Cake Plateaus, and Cake Silverware.

Multipurpose and versatile, their magnificence can be used to complement your cakes and dessert station, candle, and floral arrangement.

DIY Cake Decor
Wedding Cake Toppers

Aside from that, these gorgeous pieces can become a captivating crown focal point, photography accessory, table accent piece and that's just the tip of the iceberg. TableclothsFactory is here to present you with a selection of high-quality crown cake toppers to make your events a little bit more special.

Whether you are new parents, bride, confectioner, photographer, or a party host extraordinaire, we've got the perfect dessert topper in store for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What size cake topper for 3 tier cake ?

Ans: The size of the top tier of the cake is important when choosing the size of the cake topper. If the principal cake has a diameter of 6 inches or lesser, then the diameter of your elegant cake topper should be not more than the cake itself. This will also eliminate very tall or very heavy cake toppers.

2. How to make a crown for a cake ?

Ans: Royal themed cakes never go out of style and TableclothsFactory's crown cake toppers are the perfect finishing touch to an imperial worthy cake. Save yourself from the hassle of making one when a dazzling crown and tiara cake topper and other unique cake toppers are readily available online.

Aside from looking gorgeous on top of your delicious cakes, their magnificence can also be used on candles and flower arrangements, or they can become a captivating crown focal point, photography accessory, and table accent piece.

3. What size should a cake topper be ?

Ans: The size of the top tier is what should influence your decision in choosing the cake topper height. The topmost cake level is usually 4, 6, or 8 inches, with most being 6 inches. A 5-inch cake topper is usually the perfect ratio. Or to simply put it, the diameter of the cake topper should be not more than the cake itself.


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