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Crystal | Tassel | Foil Backdrops


Give an exclusive sense of touch to your rooms with our unique curtain panels which are a great alternative to the most commonly used fabric curtains. Our beaded string curtains, fringe curtains for windows, and metallic foil flower backdrop are very impressive that they are sure to provide your home with a touch of timeless elegance and surreal sparkle. These curtains are the best option if you are searching for something that will provide your home decor with an invigorating twist along with a stylish look. These single panel curtains can be a very appealing enhancement to your home decor. They also come in charming, vibrant hues and features a solid pattern that blends well with both formal and informal settings.

Add a huge dose of glimmer and shimmer into your wedding or party background, Photo Booth, entryway or door decoration with our dazzling metallic foil flower garland curtain. These glistening foil beaded string curtains will not only ooze oodles of glitz and glam into your event but will also serve as a perfect decorative accent for your celebration. The seamless sheen and impeccable luster of these beaded doorway curtains will create a truly surreal ambiance, exuding a fanciful luminosity of festivity and jubilancy all around. Bring a glamorous twist to your wedding party, shower celebration, birthday bash, anniversary dinner, and other merry occasions with our mesmerizing foil flower string fringe curtains.

Impart a classic beauty and bizarre flicker to your event’s ambiance or home décor with these glimmering acrylic diamond fringe curtains for windows. Crystal clear acrylic diamonds in fringe curtains party will truly make your heart skip a beat with their sheer transparency and impeccable shimmer. These curtains are intricately crafted, giving them an unprecedented look. You can use it in your balcony, kid's bedroom, or as a barrier to hide clutter while providing your space a smart look. These curtains are best used in the summers as it will keep your home fresh and comfortable during the summer heat while blending style and sophistication to your home decor. These curtains are also reversible therefore you can use both sides of it.

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