If you are looking for a flower that symbolizes purity and innocence while remaining charming and versatile, look no further than daisy bouquets from tableclothsfactory.com. Made from silk to mimic the natural construction and authentic coloration, silk daisies from our online store are perfect imitations of their fresh equivalents – the only difference is, unlike their natural counterparts, these faux flowers will neither wilt nor wither.

Available in an extensive variety of species, colors, and sizes, our daisy flower is versatile enough to become a part of any décor. Thus, whenever you are looking to decorate your tabletop with silk daisy flowers, look no further than our artificial daisy bushes, gerbera daisy artificial flowers, and artificial daisy silk flowers where you can find options in different sizes, colors, and materials. 

Those who are planning to make a great splash in terms of décor should take our foam daisy flowers into consideration. Made from foam, these bounties range in size from 12 to 24 inches wide and come in blush and white colors. Like all artificial daisy flowers, they give much room for creativity. For example, if you want to assemble a nature-inspired backdrop, it’s highly advisable to use our large real feel foam daisy flowers to complement your grass walls. 

In case you strive to transform your tabletop into an enchanted meadow, consider positioning these gorgeous blooms atop your plastic grass or moss table runner. On top of that, our colorful daisies blooms are a nice adornment for your chairs.

At tableclothsfactory.com, we understand that fresh blossoms can bring much fuss into your event. In case you are looking for something maintenance-free without saying “no” to the natural sophistication of blossoms, please don’t hesitate to visit our daisy arrangements and see what we have to offer!




1. Are daisies expensive wedding flowers ?

Ans: Decorations for the wedding ceremony and banquet tables are quite fashionable right now. You can use and choose from a variety of ornaments available in the market including gorgeous artificial flowers. Many people, however, wonder if artificial daisies are pricey wedding flowers.

The answer to this question is no. Silk flowers may not be real flowers, but it does not make them any less gorgeous. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes and are always brightly colored, allowing you to complement any wedding theme. They are also exquisite in their own right and will look lovely in any floral design you choose. 

Use bright orange and yellow daisies to add a splash of color to a spring or summer wedding, or go for a subtle touch with blush rose gold daisy flowers or a white daisy bouquet incorporated with assorted ferns and greenery. They can be used in a variety of ways to add life to any centerpiece or arrangement. 

2. How long do daisy flowers last ?

Ans: Artificial daisies are a delightfully simple and very popular choice for adding color and brightness to any setting, just like their fresh counterparts. They are also commonly associated with sentimental value, which adds to their appeal. But how long do these faux daisies last?

Artificial daisy flower arrangements are a fantastic option for events that are more informal or less permanent than others, such as weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, and birthday celebrations. The charismatic beauty of silk daisy centerpieces will brighten up your affair while avoiding the mess and fuss that come with fresh flower petals. Plus, these faux botanicals can be easily reused as decor at home or at another event, saving you time and money.

There is no established or precise date for the lifespan of an artificial daisy bouquet. The lifespan of an artificial flower, like that of real flowers, is determined by the quality of the material used to create them and other factors, such as proper storage, usage, and maintenance.

3. Where to buy daisies ?

Ans: If you want to add extra elegance to an event or celebration but are adamant to stick to a certain budget, you might want to check out and consider inviting TableclothsFactory’s budget-friendly selection of artificial daisy flowers to your bouquet or décor. They can add a distinctive texture, splash of color, or cascading effect to an arrangement when mixed with other classic bridal flowers like roses and peonies.

Whether you lean towards classic, romantic, modern, or bohemian style for your wedding day, you can’t go wrong with the crisp white blossoms of our White Artificial Silk Gerbera Daisy Flower Bouquets and 11" White Artificial Silk Daisy Flower Bouquet Branches. While the rich display and splashes of color in our lavender, lime green, and yellow daisy artificial flowers will make anyone fall head over heels.

Long-lasting and surprisingly versatile, these realistic artificial flowers also come in a variety of hues and colors and different sizes to suit any floral design. Our faux gerbera daisies which effortlessly mimic the delicate beauty and texture of fresh-cut flowers will undoubtedly do the trick, whether you want to add a blast of exotic beauty to your living area or highlight the aesthetic of your themed wedding or event.

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