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Designer Satin Overlays


Designer Satin Overlays

It goes without saying that there are certain occasions, which require an extra dash of sophistication, that plain linens cannot offer. If this is the case, but all you have is a bunch of lackluster tablecloths, don’t fret - our designer satin overlays will take your linens to the next level of excellence at a reasonable price. 

Whichever designer overlay you need, our collection will exceed your expectations with wide options to choose from. Thus, in case you want to pizzazz things up with a chevron overlay, we are at your service with our 72'' x 72'' Jazzed Up Chevron Overlay, which comes in a number of shades. Are you looking to bring some depth and dimension into your setup? Make no mistake, you can’t say “no” to our 72'' x 72'' Waves Style Satin Square Overlay - unlike other square satin overlays from our designer collection, this one features astonishing wavy layers of glistening satin, which pushes the best properties of this fabric to the forefront. Meanwhile, those who are looking for solid-colored satin table overlays with a sophisticated embossing will be happy with our Square Lily Embossed Satin Table Overlays. 

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that sometimes, table linens are too plain to suit the importance of an occasion. With our designer overlays, there’s no need to spend a fortune on new tablecloths - simply spread them over your linens and enjoy the result. Whether you need black, gold, red, or purple satin overlays, which come with stunning designs, please don’t hesitate to explore our collection. 

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