Designer Sequin Backdrops


Designer Sequin Backdrops


Let your swanky style and posh extravaganza be showcased by our charismatic Duchess white sequin backdrop. This glam piece features two layers of most fab fabrics; the top layer of premium quality translucent chiffon enhances the divine shimmer of second sequin curtain panel. Shimmering glitter curtain panel have intricately been sewn atop a deluxe quality fabric to exude sublime luminosity and glimmer. Flip the sparkling curtains backdrop around if you desire to impart a royal look and imperial sheen to your event. Let the impeccable sheen of glittering shimmer curtain panels and the royal feel of this backdrop impart an empyrean look to your special event’s décor.

And in being inspired by what such a high-caliber personality would truly approve of, we've crafted a large sequin backdrop for her to drape her stage, her hall or her grand windows. And when mixed together with various lighting effects, this one-of-a-kind backdrop will truly become Brilliant and become the best backdrop curtains for photography! And we've added a chiffon fabric cover to add protection or style; it can work to your style or you can stick with the plain lovely sparkling curtains. If the Woman-of-the-Hour is truly amazing, then she will love the sparkle, glamour, and prestige that the Grand Duchess silver sequin curtain panels will surely achieve.

Some fabrics are meant to be displayed because of their appeal, and there is no better example of this than our Designer Sequin Backdrops. Our luxurious sparkling curtains are so soft to the touch, and the curtains hang so elegantly. If you fancy a more conventional look in your parties, our glitter curtain panels are the perfect backdrop curtains for photography for you. The shimmery fabric will brighten up the function room. The metallic look is timeless and looks great when mixed together with various lighting effects.

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