Dinner Plates & Servers


Dinner Plates & Servers

Do you have a fascination for all those fancy plates but hate tidying up when the party ends? With our collection of dinner plates and servers, you can skip the washing part without compromising on the appearance of your tabletop. Made from thick, heavy-duty plastic, these dinner and salad/dessert plates imitate the classic appeal of ceramic, metal, and glass.

With the huge selection of shapes and designs, our dinnerware can flawlessly blend in with any surroundings. Thus, whenever you are looking for square white dinner plates to create a contrast for your polka dot linens, we are at your service with our disposable square dinner plates with gold hot dots rim – available in four basic sizes, these square dinner plates feature a hot-dotted rim, which will echo your polka dots in a sophisticated manner. Are you interested in white round dinner plates with fancy rims? Feel free to choose from our white disposable round dinner plates with lace design rim, disposable round dinner plates with shiny dust rim, white disposable round dinner plates with gold hot stamped rim, and white plastic disposable dessert salad plates with gold scalloped hot stamped rim, to name just a few – no matter which of these plates will tickle your fancy, you can enhance their charm manifold with the help of our round gold acrylic plastic charger plates. And of course, don’t forget about salad plates and other serving tableware – depending on your theme, you can pick from our disposable rectangular serving plates with wave trimmed rim, birchwood disposable rectangular serving plates, or black disposable rectangular serving tray.    

Though disposables are still considered to be tacky and cheap-looking, they have stepped up their game – our collection proves that. Despite being made from synthetic materials, our dinner plates, chargers, and servers in no way yield to their fragile prototypes. Please drop by our collection and see for yourself!

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