DIY Cupcake Stand


DIY Cupcake Stand To Fancy Up Your Party Treats!

DIY Cupcake Stand

Whether you are planning an upscale event with a crowd of guests, or there is a kid’s birthday around the corner, your dessert station will be incomplete without cupcakes. There’s no doubt that your cupcakes, which you or your confectioner worked so hard on, deserve only “first-class seats”. To cater to your needs, we’ve got you covered with our inexpensive DIY Cupcake Stand, which will win you over at first sight.  

In case you need something neutral, we are at your service with our 3-tier mini white cardboard cupcake stand or our white metal round premium decorative serving tray with embellished rims – a perfect option for small gatherings! If you are looking for a big or small cupcake holder stand with that timeless farmhouse design, you won’t be disappointed – depending on how many cupcakes you are looking to serve at a time, feel free to choose our 3 Tier Rustic Galvanized Serving Tray.

Featuring an intricate design, our 5-tier tower wedding cupcake display stand is made from metal with a non-toxic, non-chip finish, making them absolutely food-safe. Meanwhile, a collar around the perimeter will prevent your precious cupcakes from falling and will give you more room for getting creative with additional decorations, like flowers, beads, or whatever you find interesting. Once the party is over, you can simply disassemble your metal cupcake holder stand and keep it in a box for the next time!

In case our white cupcake stands do not tickle your fancy, you won’t be able to resist our Gold Chandelier Metal Cake Stands. With its unusual design, it offers a separate “seat” for every single cake, meaning that it is a perfect option for individually decorated cakes. The gold finish makes it a universal option for many events. Like white stands, it’s easy to assemble and store.

Cake Domes
Cupcake Display Stand

Preserve and display your intricately glazed cakes and muffins using a glass cake dome. Whether you're displaying cakes on your kitchen counter or setting the dessert table at an event, these stylish metallic glass cake domes can grace any setting and are ideal for displaying homemade cakes, cupcakes, muffins, donuts, tarts, desserts, and other sweet treats.

And, thanks to the sturdy glass construction of these beautiful cake domes, guests can easily view their mouthwatering contents. By using these modern glass cake stands with a metallic finish, you can create an attractive display that your guests will love.

At TableclothsFactory, we understand that you want to highlight the visual appeal of your already tantalizing cakes. In case you need something more universal than a square tiered cupcake stand, please don’t hesitate to shop from our collection of DIY Cupcake Stands, which will surprise you with their visual attractiveness coupled with affordability.



Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to make DIY cupcake stand ?

Ans: Are you planning a party soon and want to get the decorations in order? A big part of event planning is the food you serve and how it is presented. And serving a cupcake definitely requires a cupcake stand that looks as marvelous as the tasty treats on offer. Add some cheer to your cupcakes by adding butterfly decors on the cupcake stand that is sure to dazzle anyone who sees it.

For a classy look, why not get an elegant cupcake stand that you will relish showing off like our Metal Cupcake Stand With Acrylic Crystals. If you’ve always desired to use domed cupcake holders but never succeeded, now is the time to consider purchasing one of our Cake Domes. Sometimes a simple design can have a larger impact than a more elaborate creation. You can also customize the style and look of your DIY cupcake stands by using our Tiered Metallic Cardboard Cupcake Holders.

2. Where to buy cupcake stands near me ?

Ans: Serve your favorite confections in style. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or just want to put your pastries on display, check out TableclothsFactory's range of DIY Cupcake Stands, ideal for any occasion. Present your creations in party-perfect serve ware featuring our 5 Tier Scallop Edge Cupcake Stand.

For a whimsical look at dessert tables, you can also try our Rotating Large Ferris Wheel Dessert Cupcake Holder, and even our jolly Scalloped Edge Dessert Holders—great for themed celebrations. Square or round, classic or modern, you're sure to find just the right style for any occasion. No matter where you set up a cupcake stand, make sure to arrange these delectable sweets up in a fashionable serve ware from

3. How to decorate a cupcake stand ?

Ans: You should consider decorating the display after choosing your stand and setting the cupcakes. Added accessories will intensify the theme and look of the cupcakes. An excellent choice for decorating cupcake stands are craft flowers, but accessories for a cupcake display go beyond flowers.

You can always get ideas from the cupcake decorations or theme of the party. Scattering a few tea light candles throughout the dessert table will further create a sophisticated or romantic ambiance for the cupcake display. This is a great design for dinner parties or anniversary parties. During the holidays, use common décors like Christmas ornaments or Easter eggs on the sweets table.

Just as there are many methods for decorating cupcakes, there are also many ways to create a remarkable display of delightful goodies. Use a stand to build the height then put ornaments around the stand to tie the theme together.

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