DIY Paper Crafts


Make Your Event Stand Out With Amazing DIY Paper Crafts!

DIY Paper Crafts

How do you want to style your party? If you are the type who wants to have every part of your party space covered with decorations, then our wonderful selection of DIY Paper Crafts is perfect for you. Paper decorations are very versatile and can add visual curiosity and character to any particular area of your event. Hang them from ceilings above party tables or your dessert station. 

Thus, if your party theme calls for an unforgettable backdrop, there’s no need to fork out – with our giant paper flowers peony assorted sizes - 12'' | 16'' | 20'' and DIY giant carnation paper flower wall backdrop decor, you will be able to create a stunning display in no time! To get the most out of these fabulous blooms, mixing and matching different sizes and colors is highly recommended.

For an oriental touch, feel free to complement your ensemble with our Asian Silk Folding Fans, which can also double as souvenirs. In the end, you can finish everything off by telling the world about the reason for your festivity with the help of our Hand Throw Streamers. While sipping fancy cocktails from our 8" Biodegradable Sugarcane Straws, your guests will have a wonderful time looking at this fabulous paper craft project!

Paper Decoration
Party Decorations

Though often understated, paper is one of the most wonderful DIY materials. Whether you have come up with something tantalizing for a wedding, or there are some interesting DIY Christmas paper craft ideas in your mind, please don’t hesitate to browse everything you need from our paper decorations DIY collection.

It goes without saying that there are certain occasions that require a little bit extra in terms of décor. At TableclothsFactory, we believe that “a little bit extra” doesn’t necessarily mean spending “extra”. Our collection of DIY paper crafts will turn your understanding of what you know about paper upside down!




1. How to make paper decorations for party ?

Ans: There are countless reasons to have a party, and there are countless ways to decorate it. Taking the time to make your party space festive will help make the gathering you're hosting, no matter how big or small, feel extra special. Even if you are not an extremely crafty person, you can make countless handmade paper party decorations. But making paper decorations will take some time, even the easiest ones.

There's no need to cut your party budget because you don't have to spend a lot on the cutest decorations to make it look like you pulled your party out of a magazine page. When you need quick paper decorations for party and don't have time to use your DIY skills to make your own paper crafts, you can always check out our selection of DIY paper crafts.

Whether your theme is elegant, rustic, or for eccentric party lovers, our inexpensive paper party decorations can be used for a variety of themes and events. Shop our diverse variety of tissue paper decorations like our tissue paper pom-poms, tissue paper flowers, and so much more. We have all the sizes, shapes, and colors you will need to match any theme. If you need ideas, you can browse our collection for fun decorating with paper party concepts that you can customize.

2. How to hang large paper flowers on backdrop ?

Ans: If you've fallen in love with giant paper flowers and decided they're what you want as a focal point for an upcoming event, but have no idea how to hang them securely on a backdrop or where to start, we're here to help. With the method we'll teach you, we promise that no matter what event you're hosting—a baby shower, a garden-themed birthday party, Easter, or even a Mother's Day brunch—you'll create stunning giant flower decorations from paper and receive many compliments.

  • You need a background frame for your paper flower wall to make it stable and freestanding. If you have a lot of time, you can build one yourself or just choose from the many backdrop stand we have available.
  • Drape your backdrop frame with fabric or an inexpensive curtain for accent displays, flowers on the corners, or across the top. 
  • The flowers can be pinned to the fabric or hot glued straight to the fabric. 
  • You may alternatively adhere all of your paper flowers to poster boards before hanging them with wire from the backdrop.
  • If you plan to use artificial grass or boxwood as a background for your flowers, make two small holes in neighboring flower petals. After that, thread the floral wire through the openings you made and secure the ends of the wire to the grass backdrop.

3. How do you display a paper fan on the wall ?

Ans: A quick and easy decoration that will add color and delight to your next celebration are paper pinwheels. You can arrange this trendy paper decor as you wish for your celebration, whether you use them to decorate your bar, as a backdrop for photo booths, wall art, or strung together as a garland.

A double-sided tape is already attached to the ends of our paper fan decorations, so use that to fasten the ends together and keep them fanned open. Once all of the paper hanging decor is opened and secured, lay them out in a few different patterns on the floor before hanging them on the wall. You can hang these cool decorations paper anywhere you like using painter’s tape or double-sided tape to make them appear like they are floating.

4. Where to buy paper decorations ?

Ans: Whether you need to decorate for a special event or want to add a pop of color to a craft design, TableclothsFactory's collection of DIY Paper Crafts and paper party supplies has you covered. From DIY wall decor with paper to paper decoration ideas using paper fans and tissue paper ball decorations, there is a wide array of choices available to create accents for centerpieces and adornments.

Embellish your celebration with our glamorous streamers and garlands. We also offer a great range of silk folding fans in various dazzling colors that are not only great party favors but can also give a nice finishing touch to any occasion. On the lookout for the best selection of paper decorations? Shop to score items at affordable prices. 

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