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Oriental and Eastern Lilies

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Oriental and Eastern Lilies

Oriental and Eastern Lilies has the natural look of flowers and will give a pristine, dynamic appeal to homes, offices, or special gatherings. Crafted from high-grade silk, each silk easter lily head in the bush gives a reasonable option to live flowers and the look of actual calla-lilies. The dynamic hue of the flowers effortlessly matches with different accents and color schemes to give a natural detail making them an ideal enhancement be it indoors or outdoors. The wire stems on the flowers can be bent and cut easily making them perfect for DIY decorations like decorative accents, cake flowers, bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, and many more.

A whimsical medley of lily and tulip bouquet delicately wrapped with tulle and embellished with pearl spray can be hand-held or be used as a furnishing. These artificial easter lilies are made to resemble freshly-picked and to look at their finest. Be carefree from trimming, withering and wilting flowers with our one-of-a-kind silk easter lily. These oriental lily bulbs for sale at the lowest prices are perfect for adding a bit of nature and all its beauty without the hassle and maintenance of fresh flowers. These silk easter lily will never wilt, you can use this bush in your spring displays year after year and these silk easter lily are available in various colors as well.

Searching for a way to give your interiors a bit of greenery? Using faux florals like our artificial easter lilies is a great option for a timeless look in your home, without the trouble of real plants. These bushes can be arranged as an accent piece alone or grouped with other home furnishings to create a bigger floral impact on tabletops or desks assuring you that its soft colors will blend with different settings to liven up any home or party decor.

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