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Extra Fine Glitter Bulk | Sand Vase Filler

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Extra Fine Glitter Bulk | Sand Vase Filler

If you are a jack-of-all-trades at heart, you might be needing high-quality supplies to bring your most fabulous ideas to life. If this is the case, and your creativity knows no limitations, we are happy to offer you our collection of bulk play sand & extra fine glitter bulk.

It goes without saying that no celebration is complete without glitter. With that being said, whenever a sparkly touch is needed, you shouldn’t look any further than our colored sand bulk and Sand Vase Filler. Available in a range of colors, our extra fine glitter bulk comes in two varieties - 23 grams extra fine glitters and 1 pound DIY art craft glitter extra fine with shaker bottle. Ideal for sparkling bowls, vases, glasses, lanterns, jars, balloons, and invitations, our loose glitter is extremely easy to use – each bottle offers a built-in pourable press-on top, which will not just ensure easy application but will also prevent glitter from being everywhere.

Meanwhile, those who are looking to give an exotic feel to their setups should consider our decorative sand for vase filler. Like our loose glitter, our Sand Vase Filler comes in an extensive range of colors. Being 100% natural and environmentally friendly, our decorative colored sand bulk is perfect for sand painting, sand art, mosaics, crafts, and floral decor. There’s no need to invent the wheel when it comes to working with our decorative bulk play sand – simply pour it into our glass terrariums, add flowers, seashells, or succulents, and simply hang them at varying heights for a dimensional display!

At tableclothsfactory, we realize the importance of a personalized touch in event decor. In our opinion, our collection of extra fine glitter bulk and natural colored sand bulk gives plenty of options to customize your setups. Whether you are still in doubt, or we’ve managed to tickle your fancy, please don’t hesitate to drop by our collection of glitters and sand fillers to see what we have to offer.

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