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Foam and Paper Daisies


Foam and Paper Daisies

There’s no doubt that flowers are the most beautiful creations of Mother Nature. At the same time, where nature is powerless, mankind comes into play. With that being said, if you are looking for flowers, which are as big as you can only imagine, look no further than our collection of foam and paper daisies.

In our opinion, there are at least two reasons why you should add them into your floral décor shopping cart. First, despite being artificial, our paper and foam flowers imitate their natural counterparts with utmost accuracy. Secondly, these beauties go far beyond what nature can offer in terms of sizes. At the same time, these oversized blossoms are made from foam, meaning that they are extremely realistic to the touch. Available in the most universal hues – white and blush – our giant daisies can flawlessly blend in with any color scheme and theme. Whether you opt for our 8'' real feel foam daisy flowers, 12'' real feel foam daisy flowers, 16'' real feel foam daisy flowers, 20'' real feel foam daisy flowers, or 24'' real feel foam daisy flowers, please bear in mind that all our foam and paper daisies offer much room for creativity. With that being said, you can use them to decorate your floriated backdrops, to style your chair sashes, and to transform your tabletop into a pond full of fragrant blossoms.

At tableclothsfactory.com, we realize the importance of the “wow factor” when it comes to the event décor. With our collection of foam and paper large daisies, you can transform your venue into an oasis of fantasy – please don’t hesitate to shop from our giant flower collection and see how easy it is to surprise even the most particular guests!

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