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Foam Lilies

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Foam Lilies

If you are looking to decorate your party venue with flowers that will fascinate all your guests with their beauty, calla lilies are always a safe bet, since they are named after the Greek word for beautiful – calla. As a symbol of purity, innocence, and rebirth, calla lilies are a go-to option for Easter brunches, wedding receptions, and baby shower parties. Unfortunately, like all flowers, calla lilies tend to lose their fresh appearance, and sometimes, it happens at the worst possible moment. In order to save you from such unpleasant surprises, we are happy to offer you our foam lily collection.

Made from foam, these artificial foam flowers are exact replicas of calla lilies not just to the look but also to the touch. Available in a rainbow of shades, they are versatile enough to become a part of any theme. For example, if you want to embrace the purity of a lily flower, look no further than our 6 bush 42 pcs white artificial calla lilies flowers and 6 bush 42 pcs cream artificial calla lilies flowers. Meanwhile, you can discover the versatility of blue by decorating your venue with our 6 bush 42 pcs royal blue artificial calla lilies flowers and 6 bush 42 pcs turquoise artificial calla lilies flowers. Regardless of color, all our foam lily flowers feature bendable stems, which will allow you to twist them around branches, stems, box handles, basket handles, or whatever deserves a touch of exotic elegance. Stock up on our foam flowers wholesale, and create stunning centerpieces, fanciful bouquets, vase decorations, or insta-worthy backdrops, to name just a few!

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that you might be interested in something other than roses. To help you spruce up your venue with an exotic touch, we’ve launched our foam calla lily line, which offers artificial flowers that are realistic both to the look and to the touch – don’t hesitate to drop by our collection to see for yourself!

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