Associated with purity, love, and refinement, gardenias are an appropriate choice for wedding receptions. In case you are looking to bathe in these natural bounties without breaking the banks, it’s highly advisable to take our artificial gardenia collection into consideration.

Crafted from silk with attention to detail, our artificial gardenias mimic the delicate structure and charismatic colors of their fresh counterparts. Their realistic green foliage coupled with authentically styled stamens will breathe life into your otherwise drab reception. Though our silk gardenia flowers are strikingly realistic, they come in more colors than their natural equivalents can offer. Thus, while fresh gardenias come in white or pale pink, our silk gardenia collection offers a rainbow of shades. For example, if you are looking to dress up your reception in autumn-inspired hues, we strongly recommend you mix our burgundy artificial silk gardenias flowers, yellow artificial silk gardenias flowers, and purple artificial silk gardenias flowers. At the same time, our fuchsia artificial silk gardenias flowers and pink artificial silk gardenias flowers are a perfect option for your girl baby shower parties. Meanwhile, if you place top priority on natural sophistication, look no further than our white artificial silk gardenias flowers and cream artificial silk gardenias flowers, which boast authentic coloration.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that despite their visual attractiveness, flowers are extremely fragile and can wither away sooner than you expect them to. Fortunately, our inexpensive gardenias won’t let you down – whether you need a red, green, or white gardenia flower, just drop by our gardenia selection and give these beauties a chance!

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