Grosgrain Polka Dot Satin Ribbons


Grosgrain Polka Dot Satin Ribbons

Ribbons are the crown that gives a wonderful finishing touch to an excellent present just like icing on a cake. Featuring a polka dot pattern set on a grosgrain strip. The grosgrain is a solid, textured material perfect for a lot of craft projects and gift wrapping ideas. These wholesale grosgrain ribbon by the roll are available in a wide array of colors in a one-dot-row setting.

Would you agree that the most sought after decor products that can transform your decoration ideas from bland to gorgeous are wholesale grosgrain ribbon by the roll? These satin ribbons wholesale can truly speak volumes about your classic choice and can make each onlooker go crazy over your great born style. Ribbed and durable, our wholesale grosgrain ribbon by the roll are offered in a wide variety of colors to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Buy satin ribbons wholesale online and add oodles of style to your wedding decorations including party backdrops, wardrobe decorations (lapels, hats, collars), hairstyle decorations (hair bows), and wrapping gifts.

Bedazzle the world with our silky soft wholesale grosgrain ribbon by the roll with pretty polka dots throughout! Nothing can surpass the peerless luster of glistening satin material amalgamated with beautiful peppy polka dot design. So opulent, so smooth and so very stylish! This polka dot satin ribbons wholesale is a picture-perfect choice for all your decoration, designing, and dressing adornments. Style into comely bows or flowers, wrap around your favors and cake boxes, stick on your candle and votive holders, vases, centerpieces, or bottles, drapery, runners, chair sashes, napkins, placemats, or add glamorous accents to your flower girl dresses, gowns, hair accessories, and other DIY projects.

Browse our satin polka dot ribbons for a sleek and smooth style of wholesale grosgrain ribbon by the roll. Use these gorgeous ribbons in a variety of applications. From furniture and bland wall decorations to decorating wrapped gift boxes, bouquets, garlands, favors, and wreathes, this ribbon creates no restrictions on your creativeness.

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