Hanging String LED Lights


Hanging String LED Lights

Hanging String Lights

Though we sometimes don’t make a big deal of lighting, it’s crucial when it comes to big events – the proper balance of light and darkness can create a cozy and romantic ambiance. To provide your party space with decent lighting, you don’t have to shop from a special “fairy lights factory” – at TableclothsFactory, you can find everything you need at rock-bottom prices without compromising on quality, whether you are looking for LED strip lights, a 26FT LED string light, or decorative lights for vases.

In case you want to decorate your table set up with fairy lights in a large vase, we are at your service with our LED battery operated fairy lights. For your event backdrop, we can help you with our curtain fairy lights – couple this with our organza drapes to transform your backdrop into a night sky full of twinkling stars. If you happen to be in need of battery-powered LED string lights to complement your event theme, you can choose from our starry string lights, and beyond.

String LED Lights
Outdoor Edison Lights

No matter what is on the horizon – a wedding, groovy music event, or birthday party – at TableclothsFactory, we are always ready to meet your expectations with high-quality yet inexpensive lighting options. Please don’t hesitate to visit us now if you don’t want to miss out on anything!



1. How to decorate with lights for wedding ?

Ans: No matter what the wedding theme is, string lights are definitely a must-have decorating detail for their whimsical, fairytale ambiance, especially if couples are planning an outdoor wedding reception. Needless to say, the options are endless when it comes to taking your lights for wedding reception to the next level with string lights. And here are some of our favorite outdoor wedding lighting ideas that you can recreate.

  • Place an adequate amount of battery operated outdoor hanging lights inside a heavy-duty metal lantern and display these lantern centerpieces at the center of the dining tables.
  • Hang numerous cascading rain lights from trees for a more luscious, interesting look especially if you're pitching a tent in the middle of a dark field
  • Transform your wedding tent into an enchanting magical space by wrapping it in dozens of starry string lights.
  • Create a vivid and dramatic backdrop by displaying curtains with lights in them or hang gorgeous string lights with clips and fill it with memorable photographs.
  • Light up traditional-looking ceremony arches with outdoor wedding string lights paired with your favorite blooms and greeneries.
  • Create gorgeous, memorable accent walls, a stunning backlit backdrop for cropped portraits, or mood lighting in backgrounds with battery operated artificial vine fairy lights and light bulb outdoor lights.

2. How high to hang string lights ?

Ans: Whether you are hanging led light fixtures for an event or just looking to brighten up your backyard, these adorable led hanging lights can be used inexpensively to provide significant ambient lighting. Typically, string lights are suspended from a ceiling, but not always as it depends on what your style goal is. 

Before deciding on a concept, try to schedule a site visit for the same time of day as your event. By doing so, you'll get a better idea of how bright the afternoon sun really is on the lawn and how much built-in lighting already exists in the function room. If you're hosting indoors, you'll want to walk the space with your lighting vision in mind. If hosting outdoors, visit after dark as this will help you identify what needs to be lit to keep the reception safe, as well as what could create an atmosphere for your guests.

When it comes to suspending string led lights indoors, it's ideal to hang them eight to ten feet above the floor so your guests and visitors can walk around comfortably without colliding with your lights and bulbs. On the other hand, if you are having your event outdoors, you may want to hang your round bulb string lights a little higher to accentuate the interesting features of the event setting itself.

3. What do you use to hang string lights ?

Ans: String lights add a gorgeous glow to an indoor or outdoor event space, but they can be tricky to string up if you don't have a tall and solid mounting point to install them. Therefore, you must first establish where you want your patio fairy lights to be suspended before you can decide which hardware to use.

One of the most common options to attach outdoor mini string lights to a tree, deck, fence, pergola, or any hard surface that you can pre-drill pilot holes on is to use cup hooks or Q-hooks. You can also use coaxial staples that behave like hooks but both ends are secured to the wall so you will not need zip ties to anchor your rustic string lights.

If hanging heavy outdoor pergola lights, it is also wise to run them through a guidewire for additional support. You can also install wall anchors before the hooks for additional support. Other hardware you can try using are staples and gutter hooks for a more secure hold, and adhesive hooks and tape, which are the least secure options but won't have you worried about drilling holes in the structure where you plan to hang your light bulb fairy lights.

4. Where to buy outdoor string lights ?

Ans: Add a whimsical and dramatic glow to backyards, patios, weddings, and other events with a wide variety of hanging led lights from TableclothsFactory. You really don’t need huge and expensive party lights to create a beautiful and impressive party atmosphere that your guests can admire and enjoy. All you need is a handful of creative light decorating ideas and the best fairy lights on the market.

We offer dimmable outdoor lights, commercial outdoor string lights as well as vintage looking bistro lights for those after outdoor edison lights. An immediately enhanced atmosphere takes just a few minutes to create when you purchase a variety of these magical lights that are perfect indoors or out and are available in various styles to best suit your event space or party theme.

Other trendy hanging led lights we offer are vibrant led rope strip lights, moroccan string lights, battery outdoor string lights, stylish hanging curtain lights, festoon lights, and lighted leaf garland. Regardless of the type of plug in hanging lights you decide to use, they are sure to give your place a truly brilliant luminance. Combining them with other decorations from our online shop like premium fabrics, lovely centerpieces, and other ornaments will lend a rich, warm look to your overall party décor.

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