As a token of beauty, hibiscus is a perfect flower for event décor. However, since it’s extremely delicate and fragile, it can wither away at the worst possible moment! If you are completely in love with this flower but have no time to keep it fresh-looking there’s no need to give up the entire hibiscus flower idea. Our collection of artificial flowers of hibiscus will allow you to marvel at the hibiscus beauty as long as you want to!

Crafted from silk with utmost intricacy and attention to detail, our hibiscus flowers are exact replicas of their natural counterparts. Furthermore, with the extensive collection of colors, these artificial replicas of natural sophistication are even more versatile than their living equivalents. Thus, in case the sunset sky is your main inspiration, we strongly recommend you assemble a bouquet with the help of our yellow artificial silk hibiscus flowers, orange artificial silk hibiscus flowers, and red artificial silk hibiscus flowers. Are you planning to throw a Hawaiian-style event? Our fushia artificial silk hibiscus flowers are a perfect material for traditional Hawaiian necklaces, which you can give away as tokens of your festivity. Meanwhile, our ivory artificial silk hibiscus flowers and white artificial silk hibiscus flowers can become a part of your exotic wedding décor.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that while being one of the most attractive flowers of all, hibiscus can disappoint you with its fragility to external conditions. Fortunately, despite their life-like appearance, hibiscus flowers from our online store are artificial, meaning that they will never lose their visual attractiveness. Whether you need a white hibiscus flower, red hibiscus flower, or purple hibiscus flower, please don’t hesitate to drop by our hibiscus collection to stock up on the flowers of your dreams!

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