Lily, Tulip, & Peony


Lily, Tulip & Peony

Needless to say, nothing can infuse your party space with the seasonal flair better than the flowers. Regardless of the weather forecast, you can warm up your venue space with our lily, tulip & peony flowers. Despite being made of silk, these blooms mimic the natural construction of fresh-cut flowers, meaning that they fool everybody into believing that they are real. 

Whether you are going to decorate your Easter table with a bouquet of silk tulip flower, or you are just missing spring, worry not, we’ve got you covered with our 12-pack 108 pcs tulip artificial flowers and 4-bush 56 pcs white artificial silk tulip flowers – feel free to display these on their own or to combine them with our 6 bush 42 pcs artificial calla lilies flowers for a calla lily and wedding tulips bouquet.  Whenever you need silk lily flowers and artificial silk peony flowers for your peony and lily bouquet, we are at your service with our 10 pack 70 pcs artificial silk tiger lily flowers, 6 bush 54 pcs artificial casa blanca lily flowers, 5 pack 11 tall cream artificial silk peony flowers, or 12 bush 60 pcs artificial silk peony flowers. Whichever flowers are to your liking, don’t hesitate to get creative with them – use them for bouquets, backdrops, headpieces, pew bows, tablecloths, attires, and whatever deserves a touch of comeliness!

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that real blooms may lose their fresh appearance before you know. Fortunately, our collection of artificial calla lily, Eastern lily, peony, and tulip flowers offers plenty of inexpensive fake blooms, which look like natural flowers. If you are ready to bathe in blossoms, please visit our collection right now!

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