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Liquid Lame Fabric

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Liquid Lame Fabric

Whatever occasion is just around the corner, you deserve to shine! In case you are looking to save some cash without compromising on shining, we can offer you our collection of Liquid Lame Fabric bolts. Crafted from myriads of glistening threads, these bolts resemble liquid metal.

Whenever you strive to showcase your status, look no further than our gold shiny party event polyester fabric bolt by the yard – this gold lame fabric works miracles when paired with our tulle bolts. In case bolts of classic gold or silver lame fabric are not to your heart consent, you can bedazzle everyone with our emerald gold shiny party event polyester fabric bolt by the yard – there is nothing closer to real emeralds than this luxury emerald green lame fabric! Dreaming about swathing COPPER around your banisters, arches, or pillars? Doubt not, you won’t be able to resist our orange glossy premium polyester tulle fabric bolt – the aura of these masterpieces will fool everybody into believing that your draperies are made of copper, not tissue lame fabric. Whichever color you choose, make no mistake – these Liquid Lame Fabric bolts are perfect for your unique runners, chair sashes, Liquid Lame Fabric backdrops, ceiling curtains, gift wrappings, or whatever project makes you inspired.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that you need high-quality materials for your crafts. Made from sturdy polyester, our shiny bolts won’t lose their crisp appearance in a long time. Whether you are looking to wow everybody with a gold lame tablecloth or turquoise lame jacket, please don’t hesitate to shop from our lame fabric collection.

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