Manzanita Decorations


Manzanita Decorations

It goes without saying that a miniature manzanita tree or manzanita tree branch is the best way to let Mother Nature join a celebration. Whether you’re getting creative with living or artificial manzanita tree, adding some sparkles from our online store will definitely take your centerpiece to the next level of comeliness. Made from high-grade acrylic, our manzanita tree decorations will fool you into believing that they are real gems!

Available in a variety of colors and shapes, these stunning replicas of diamonds will complement any theme and event palette. Thus, if you are after universal shapes and bold hues, we recommend you consider our 240 pcs 20mm acrylic crystal raindrops. Those who don’t have enough time for stringing each and every piece can considerably save their time with our 3FT acrylic crystal teardrop beads chain garland roll. Do you need manzanita Christmas decorations for your winter wonderland centerpieces? We can offer you our 64 pcs clear acrylic garland, which consists of beads resembling to frozen drops. To bring some romanticism and angelic flair into your décor, you can embellish your manzanita tree centerpieces with our clear angels tears acrylic diamond and clear cupids acrylic diamond arrowheads. To get the most of these acrylic beads and chains, be sure to spruce things up with LED lights or use our LED manzanitas and branches instead.

At tableclothsfactory, we strive to help you make your events unforgettable. Since there’s nothing more romantic than sparkling frozen drops on a tree, we are happy to offer you our manzanita tree decorations. Please drop by our collection to see them for yourself!

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