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Masks & Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Safeguard yourself and those you love with proper protective gear that is essential in the prevention of transmission and contraction of infectious pathogens. Amid the virus outbreak, it has become crucial to take all the necessary precautions and preventive measures to protect yourself from the harmful airborne particles and help contain the spread. Wearing protective gear is important to help flatten the curve and to facilitate you with reliable and viable protective gear, your friends at tableclothsfactory are working around the clock to ensure your safety and protection.

We were fortunate enough to make arrangements with our manufacturers to amend our production lines from designated products like tablecloths & chair covers to critically needed gear, such as protective face masksdisposable glovessafety goggles, and disinfectant wipes. This protective equipment will prove invaluable to help give us some normalcy amid these difficult times by defending us from harmful infections, diseases, and contaminants. By arranging for protective equipment like disposable face mask, latex free gloves, kn95 face maskface shield maskantibacterial wipes, and protective eye wear like anti-fog goggles, we want to play our part in keeping our community and customers safe and healthy with the best of our ability.

As using Personal Protective Equipment is new norm now, we are pleased to bring two new mask variant in our Protective Gear collection. The BRAND new Washable Face Mask and Fashion Face Mask in different color variations.

Keep virus at bay by wearing a proper face and eye covering like sanitary mask, blue face mask, and protective face shield to ensure unsurpassed health defense along with keeping your hands germs free with vinyl gloves powder free and anti-bacterial wet wipes. Please stay safe and protected out there, we are in this fight together!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to make a face mask at home ?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to make masks at home. There are so many videos available in YouTube which will give step by step process of making one. However if you don't want to go through all those hassle during this pandemic crisis, we have introduced different types of masks at the lowest possible price for our loyal customers as well as for the society.

2. Do face masks expire ?

Ans: Yes, most certainly. We have different variant of face masks available for that matter. Starting from 3 ply Disposable Face Masks to KN95 Face Masks. Moreover, keeping in mind that wearing mask will be the new normalcy for years to come, we have introduced two new variants Reusable or Washable Cotton Organic Face Masks and Sequin studded Fashion Face Masks. Even these should be dumped after few days to maintain safety.

3. Do face masks protect against corona-virus ?

Ans: Unfortunately No. It just gives you an additional protection to fight against the deadly virus. However, you need to follow some strict guidelines in order to stay safe.  Maintain personal hygiene and immunity and we will suggest you to follow Govt. guidelines during this pandemic crisis. Stay safe and Stay healthy.

4. Where to buy face masks ?

Ans: You are just at the Right place at the Right time. We offer different variants of high quality and low priced masks i.e. Disposable Face Mask, Washable Face Mask, Cotton Organic Face Mask and Fashion Face Mask. Also if you are located within USA, then you can even have the option of Express NEXT day delivery.

5. How often should you use a face mask ?

Ans: At this current horrifying pandemic crisis, you should be using more often than not. The face mask has certainly become integral part of our daily life now and it's going to stay long. If you are using Disposable Face Masks, please make sure you dispose it off after every use and if you are using one of the washable or reusable face masks, kindly make sure you wash them regularly as well. Even reusable ones must be changed after few days as it keeps on loosing it's filtration strength after every wash.

6. How to wear face shield ?

Ans: It's indeed very simple to wear a disposable face shield however, in order to effectively use it; we must follow some simple steps which we have described in our YouTube channel.

Face Shield Tutorial | How-To Wear Your Mask |

7. What are face shields intended to protect you from ?

Ans: Protects from Sneezing, Splash and Droplets. Full-length Protective Face Shield provides more complete coverage than typical safety face shield mask. Wrap-around design provides over-the-top, side and front face protection.

8. Where to buy face shields ?

Ans: At you can get an authentic face shield at the lowest possible price in the whole market.

9. Where to buy antibacterial wipes or disinfectant wipes ?

Ans: At you can get antibacterial wipes or disinfectant wipes at a discounted price.

10. When should you wear safety goggles ?

Ans: We suggest you to wear safety goggles whenever you go outside for whatever reason. We can't see the deadly virus so why take chances.

11. Where to buy safety goggles ?

Ans: At you can get safety goggles or Protective Eye-wear at the lowest possible price. Coz more than doing business, we are trying to reach out more and more people who need this.

12. What is personal protective equipment ?

Ans: This is one term we got familiar of hearing every other places since the deadly virus broke out. Personal Protective Equipment or PPE Kit, whatever we call them; is just a collection of some safety equipment which helps us stand a chance against this deadly coronavirus. Although it's not our main business, however we are trying badly to reach the community and provide them some sort of safety. We have cut down all sort of margins in order to keep the cost down and make it affordable for everyone in the society. We wish and pray to come out of this pandemic as quickly as possible. Stay safe and stay strong!

13. Are vinyl gloves latex free ?

Ans: Yes, the disposable gloves we carry is totally latex free. Also these are non sterile and powder free gloves as well.

14. Where to buy fine mist spray bottle ?

Ans: At you can get fine mist spray bottle at the lowest possible price in the internet. These 4 Oz Refillable Empty Spray Bottles are must haves during this pandemic outbreak. Work smoothly with Hand Sanitizers to keep you and your loved ones safe and secure.

Are you tired of laundering table linens? Make your life easier and opt for plastic tablecloths instead to save yourself from the hassle of laundering and ironing the linens after every use. Made from high-quality plastic and vinyl material, these disposable tablecloths are not only sturdy and disposable but will also impart a stylish look to your tables!

Whether you want to protect your tables from food spills and scratches or you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to high-end linens; our vinyl tablecloths are waterproof and an affordable option to effortlessly spruce up your table decor. When it comes to decorating tables for a kid’s birthday party, the mess is inevitable. Thus, stylishly dress your party tables in our peppy white and blue chevron disposable tablecloth or black and white polka dot plastic tablecloth to make clean up after the party a breeze. However, if you’re looking for a chic patterned tablecloth to decorate your backyard table for a BBQ party, opt for our navy blue and white checkered disposable tablecloth to invoke a picnic feel, or choose our black and white chevron print waterproof tablecloth to easily wipe off the food crumbs while also adding refined elegance to your backyard party decor.

Available in a variety of hues and designs, Tableclothsfactory’s extensive range of plastic waterproof tablecloths is the perfect solution to protect your tables without compromising on style and aesthetics. Visit our online store and explore our collection of disposable plastic tablecloths today!

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