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Mini | Single Stem

Are you looking for flowers, which are sure to fascinate everybody with their unparalleled beauty? There’s no doubt – named after the Greek word for beautiful, calla lilies are a floriated epitome of beauty. Furthermore, standing for purity and rebirth, a calla lily flower is a perfect option for Easter brunches, wedding receptions, and showers. Since you might find yourself unable to get your party started without a bouquet of lilies, we’ve got you covered with our mini | single stem collection of miniature calla lilies, which offers an extensive range of artificial mini calla lilies, which, unlike their natural counterparts, will please your eyes as long as you want them to.

In case your décor calls for a traditional bouquet of lilies, we are at your service with our 12 bush 252 pcs artificial mini calla lilies flowers, which are made from silk with utmost intricacy and attention to detail. For a rustic touch, we strongly recommend you choose from our 6 bush 36 pcs burlap calla lilies flowers or 25 burlap pageant large showpiece calla lilies natural, which will beautifully pair with wood, greenery, and other natural materials. Those who need real-touch calla lilies should look no further than our 144 extra touch peacock spread craft lilies, which will remind you about spread-out peacock tail feathers. At the same time, if you want to surprise everybody with fascinating bouquets with mixed calla lilies, don’t hesitate to go for our artificial single stem mini calla lily flowers. Whether you choose white or purple mini calla lilies, make no mistake, all of them will give you plenty of room for creativity!

At TableclothsFactory, we understand that you might be looking for something less ordinary than roses. As tokens of extraordinariness, our calla lilies will take any occasion to the next level of sophistication. If you want to transform your venue into a bed of flowers at a rock-bottom price, please don’t disregard our mini | single stem collection!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy calla lily ?

Ans: Beautify your home or events with impressive lifelike calla lily single stems and arrangements from TableclothsFactory. Our exquisite calla lily flowers and stems are ideal for creating a stylish focal point making them perfect for weddings, bridal calla lily bouquet, and wedding flower centerpieces. From your bouquet to your dinner table, our collection of calla lilies and other silk flowers are all you need to complete significant events in your life. 

2. How much do calla lilies cost ?

Ans: Calla Lily flowers are shown in every bridal magazine and in almost every picture you will find on high range flower arrangements. Depending on how grand the event is and how much flowers your arrangements require, you can spend considerably less with artificial calla lily flowers and enjoy the same aesthetic wonders. 

3. How to arrange lilies in a tall vase ?

Ans: Even if you’ve never tried to arrange calla lilies before in your life, this short guide will teach you how it takes to put together an absolutely beautiful calla lily arrangement in a tall cylinder vase.

  • Place the lilies in the vase, making sure that one of lily is at the center of the arrangement and the others are evenly spaced around it. This creates a balanced effect.
  • Once your flowers are all in place, it’s time to add your foliage, but don’t overdo it! You don’t want to add more foliage than flowers! Include two different types of foliage for extra texture and color variety.
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