Modern Vases & Decorative Planters


Modern Vases & Indoor Decorative Planters


Modern Vases & Decorative Planters

Modern Vases & Decorative Planters are growing more and more favored as people recognize their resilience. They can be displayed in homes to exhibit a fashionable interior design or they can be accent pieces in offices and conference rooms to liven up a dull corporate setting. 

If there is a wall, there will always be a way to decorate glass vases and wooden planters. Your creativity should be as wild as the flowers that you will decorate in these containers, so choose one from our collection that suits your aesthetic of choice.

Make a simple, yet elegant statement with the prism design of our eclectic geometric vases greek that are fashioned from premium quality glass. This geometric glass vase has the best standard crystal clear glass for high-end decoration accents. Featuring a geometric exterior, these geometric vase weddings are trendy versatile pieces that have a distinguished vintage Nordic feel to them and are perfect for making stunning centerpieces and unique floral, air plant, candle, or succulent terrarium display. 

To make a contemporary statement at your next special event or to add a fresh touch to your home interior, select our  24" Matte Gold Wedding Flower Stand Geometric Centerpiece Vase or 20" Square Gold Metal Wedding Flower Stand Geometric Centerpiece Vases. No matter which geometric centerpiece and metal vase you choose, enhance their features with our votive and tea light candles, silk flowers, artificial succulents, fake garlands, and modern terrariums.

Along with these geometric style vases are our collection of magnificent bulk candle holders that can make your living room or party space even more attractive. Their sleek and elegant designs make these tea light holders, votive holders, and pillar candle holders the perfect decorative accent for your party tables, as well as extraordinary floor decoration.

Flaunt your style and enhance the beauty of your candles with our intricately designed candle holders to take your décor to the next level. Available in a variety of styles and designs, our metal and glass candle holders can charmingly display tealights, votive candles, pillar candles, LED candles, and even flower arrangements for a striking appeal.

Add a natural green touch and element of freshness to your space with our amazing range of decorative moss for planters supplies. All our moss planter ideas are crafted from real natural moss that is chemically preserved and repurposed for decorative purposes and artistic mediums. These decorative moss for wooden planters require no maintenance while adding a timeless serene sophistication to any party and place. 

Moreover, because of the plastic inner lining, you can use these wood planters covered in moss to hold small plants, succulents, and shrubs. Use these moss covered planters on your office desk to hold stationery items and notes, or give your party tables a fresh green boost by creating gorgeous flower arrangements, table accents, and centerpieces.

Moss Covered Planters
Tall Trumpet Glass Vases

Our gold trumpet vase bulk is a bedazzling beauty standing 25 inches tall with a slender profile that tapers at the center before disappearing into a gorgeous grooved opening. Each opening of these tall trumpet glass vases is large enough to provide sufficient room for placing large floral arrangements, candles, and other decorative items that you desire to elevate. 

Use either of our shiny silver or gold trumpet vase bulk on their own to heighten your floor décor, aisle passage, or fill them with seasonal or artificial flowers and foliage to make a refreshing flower wedding centerpieces. The sleek shiny surface is covered in a breathtaking gold finish that highlights every curve and line of this glam piece.

If you're trying to upgrade your decor or just want to display your gorgeous blooms and candles in an exquisite way, TableclothsFactory has you covered for all your home and party improvement needs. Browse through our wide selection of Modern Vases & Decorative Planters to find the lovely pieces we have to offer! Choose from iconic and contemporary designs and discover the perfect vessel for your favorite perennials and foliage from our inspired collection.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What is a decorative planter ?

Ans: Decorative planters are becoming very popular because they are lightweight and cheap. They are made of different materials, such as clay, wood, tin, and plastic. They look very attractive and can enhance the beauty of your room decoration and can give an instant makeover to any dull looking room, terrace, and garden.

2. How to make decorative planters ?

Ans: It’s very easy and inexpensive to embellish decorative planters and pots. You can decorate your modern vases like our Tapered Neck clear Glass Flower Bud Vase Centerpieces with attractive fabrics or weave a cover to make them an exceptional decorative planter. You can also embellish your glass vases with a fake potted plant, mini stones, decorative sand, pebbles, and large stones. Use a string or twine to hang them in style, or add rhinestone stickers, glitters, and ribbons on them to renew their look. 

3. What are the best outdoor planters ?

Ans: Find the best Modern Vases & Decorative Planters at You can choose from some of our best vase decoration pieces, like our Square Gold Metal Wedding Flower Stand, Tapered Cylinder Glass Vase, Rose Gold Mercury Glass Vases, Hydroponic Vase with Gold Metal Stand, and many more. Give your home decor a little extra height and easily inspire any tabletop with garden charm with our functional and beautiful Modern Vases & Decorative Planters. 

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