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Napkin Rings for the V.I.P.s

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Napkin Rings for the V.I.P.s

Everything is already on, but your napkins look incomplete? To spruce them up, look no further than our collection of acrylic napkin rings wholesale for the V.I.P.s. Crafted from top-standard materials, they won’t shatter after your first event. Available in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs, they can finish off any tablescape.

Are you looking for copper or brass napkin rings, but your budget and “unfriendly” prices are not on your side? You can tuck all your worries away with our vintage copper napkin rings with ribbed surface and fine edges – made with utmost intricacy to mimic those comely imperfections on antique metals, they will add a rustic appeal to your plain tabletop. If your colorful acrylic charger plates require plastic napkin rings within the same style, feel free to shop our collection of wholesale napkin rings for our acrylic napkin rings, which come in a rainbow of shades.. Have a centerpiece with rhinestones? Carry on with your sparkly theme by embellishing your napkins with our diamond rhinestone napkin ring with velcro – simply ensure sufficient lighting and these rhinestone napkin rings will sparkle like real gems!

At tableclothsfactory, we realize that even the smallest detail can tie all the decorations together. Whenever you need gold, antique, or beaded napkin rings, please don’t hesitate to hit up our collection – these surprisingly cheap napkin rings will give your setup a finished look.

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