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Non-Woven Fabric Bolts


Non-Woven Fabric Bolts

When it seems that nothing can fuel your creativity, our metallic non-woven fabric collection comes into play. Unlike other silver, ivory, or black woven fabrics, these are made from polyester, which was simply bonded by gluing, heating, or stitching, and further, foil-printed in a huge selection of lovely designs.

Whichever occasion is on the agenda, and whichever idea is in your mind, our silver and gold design fabric collection will satisfy your creative ambitions, no matter how grand they are. Thus, in case you are looking to add some floral or leaf motifs to your party backdrop or table setup, we can help you with our non-woven leaf design fabric bolt or non-woven big flower design fabric bolt. Meanwhile, our non-woven spider design fabric bolt is ideal for your Halloween-themed non-woven tablecloths. In order to transform your party space into a dream of a stargazer, we are happy to offer you our black | silver non-woven star design fabric bolt. Whenever you need something more versatile, keep calm as our non-woven friendship chain design fabric bolt, non-woven dot design fabric bolt, non-woven diva necklace design fabric bolt, or non-woven dancing line design fabric bolt will tick all the boxes.

At tableclothsfactory, we go beyond and above to make our customers happy. In case as a creative person, you can’t be 100% happy without bedazzling your guests with revolutionary designs, don’t fret – in our “non-fabric” collection, you will always discover something to your liking at an affordable price!   

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