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Paper Flowers

It goes without saying that flowers are the essence of any celebration. If you are not able to combat that urge to transform your event into a bed of blossoms, but you are too short on budget, don’t fret – we are at your service with our collection of DIY paper flowers. Though we often understate them, paper flowers can fascinate with their visual realism – and our artificial blossoms are no exception. Handcrafted from paper, the artificial florals from our online store imitate the intricate construction of their natural counterparts with exceptional accuracy.

Whenever you are looking to complement your gifts, centerpieces, door wreaths, apparels, or even fascinators, we are happy to offer you our mini paper flowers – oozing the life-like charm, these tissue paper flowers are hard to tell from their living twins. Meanwhile, our giant paper flowers are a perfect investment for your backdrops – available with a fishing line string, a small loop, and glue dots, which are sticky on both sides, our giant tissue paper flowers can add a spring sensation into any surface. At the same time, our pom pom balls will not just pair with our oversized paper flowers but will also transform your entire setup into a spectacle of dimension and high taste. Whichever paper flowers you choose, feel free to complement them with other artificial botanicals from our online store, including our flower walls, vertical grass panels, garlands, and vines.

At tableclothsfactory, we share your sentiments about flowers – that’s why our collection of artificial blossoms is so immense! While living florals wither too fast, the paper flowers from our online store will never lose their visual appeal no matter what – just drop by our collection to see for yourself!

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