Party Dessert Cups


Party Dessert Cups

Whether you are planning a wedding with a huge crowd of invitees, or there’s a family get-together in a couple of days, there is no doubt that desserts will sweeten up your festivity. Since desserts are not just about taste but also presentation, we strongly recommend you display your most coveted treats in disposable party dessert cups from

If you are looking to add a vintage touch into your celebration, we are at your service with our favor dessert cups - shaped like cute champagne coupes, these plastic dessert cups are sure to brighten up the dessert station at your mid-century-style event. In case you are willing to showcase the ingredients of a fruit salad or all those mouth-watering layers of Tiramisu, which you worked so hard on, it’s highly advisable to go for our waved chambury plastic disposable hexagonal dessert cups or tantalizing plastic square disposable tumbler glass. Those who are longing for unusual shapes won’t be able to ignore our petite flasket disposable dessert cup or curved triangular chambury plastic disposable dessert cup.

At, we realize the importance of proper presentation when it comes to desserts. If you want to make white, metallic, or clear dessert cups easier on your wallet without compromising on the end result, please shop from our collection of mini dessert cups!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy mini dessert cups?

Ans: Mini is the next big thing! Discover all your mini tasting needs from TableclothsFactory which includes visually appealing mini plastic dessert cups, plastic shot cups, appetizer cups, and more! The clear plastic material and elegant glass-like appearance of these small dessert cups make them perfect for just about any use. Reduce the trouble of time-consuming cleanup with these eye-catching, disposable mini plastic dessert cups!

2. Where to buy plastic shot cups?

Ans: Confections and desserts come in all sizes and shapes, so why shouldn't their containers be too? TableclothsFactory offers plastic shot glass desserts and dessert containers​ to make any treat look even more delicious than it already is. We have mini square, triangular, and even hexagonal ​dessert cups​ for bite-sized goodies. Our mini dessert shooter cups come in a variety of sizes and styles that are perfect for serving anything from parfaits, sorbets, sundaes, mousse, and more! Give your guests an event to remember with a little help from

3. Where to find plastic shot glasses?

Ans: If you're wondering where to buy disposable plastic shot glasses at the lowest prices, TableclothsFactory has a selection for your guest to fill and pass around. Our clear shot glasses and tasting cups are a convenient way to serve liquor and bomb shots, wine tastings, sauces, and small candies. These mini dessert glasses also make cleaning up after the party as easy as possible. They also have a sleek, modern design that really adds elegance to any table, making them perfect for your next party or corporate event. Check for other products to complement them only at

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