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Plastic Grass Matting


Plastic Grass Matting

It has been scientifically proven that walking barefoot on grass can halve your stress levels while the skin of your feet is stretched and relaxed. Want to ask what we are driving at? Well, from now on, you can experience the sensations of walking barefoot on grass all year round without leaving your home – to make it your reality, all you need is to stop by our collection of Artificial Grass Rugs.

Made from rubber, our eco-friendly artificial synthetic grass mat carpet rug features the drainage hole, making this artificial grass mat a perfect option for using both indoors and outdoors. Green Artificial Grass Wholesale is attached to the rubber backing with utmost intricacy, mimicking the freshness and earthy charm of real grass. Despite their visual similarity to real grass, our zero-maintenance Artificial Grass Carpet Roll will always stay fresh and green, unlike its natural counterpart that withers after a while. Depending on your artistic intentions, feel free to choose from our 24 Sq. ft eco-friendly artificial synthetic grass mat carpet rug, 15 Sq. ft ecofriendly artificial synthetic grass mat carpet rug, or 8 Sq. ft set of 2 artificial synthetic grass carpet rug mat. Furthermore, you are free to utilize these plastic grass matting pieces of natural sophistication for your patio, garden, roof, balcony, swimming pool, entryway, and so on. You can even shape our artificial grass doormat into whatever you want with a pair of scissors.

At tableclothsfactory, we share your urge to be closer to nature. To this effect, we’ve launched our fake grass matting line so that you could easily transform your space into an enchanted island where the grass is always green. To get you past time-consuming shaping, we offer artificial grass matting of different sizes – all at the wholesale prices, just see for yourself!
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