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Premium Crystal Glass Collection

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Premium Crystal Glass Collection

It’s no secret that a table centerpiece can serve both as an accent accessory and a conversation starter between two guests who were assigned to sit together. If you are looking to showcase your opulence without spending a fortune on diamonds, our collection of glass chandelier centerpieces is a safe bet. Crafted from high-grade glass with utmost intricacy, they catch the light in the way real diamonds do!

Whenever you are looking for hurricane candle holder centerpieces for your upcoming outdoor events,  you shouldn’t look any further than our 20'' tall premium hurricane taper crystal glass candle holder, 22'' tall 2-arm premium hurricane taper crystal glass candle holder, 28'' tall 3-arm premium hurricane taper crystal glass candle holder, 36'' tall 4-arm premium crystal glass candle holder, and other hurricane glass candelabras, which will look amazing in conjunction with our taper candles. You can continue bedazzling your guests by displaying your votive candles in our 3'' gemcut glass crystal votive candlestick holder with metal stem, 3'' gemcut glass crystal prism votive candlestick holder, and 6'' gemcut crystal glass votive candle holder. To go along with your glass pillar vase chandelier, candelabra, votive candle holders, or other crystal accessories, we strongly recommend you showcase your cake on our 16'' handcrafted glass top crystal cupcake riser stand.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that some events require an extra pinch of sparkle and sophistication. Whether you need a handcrafted glass vase, candelabra, candle holders, or cake risers, which are as adorable as diamonds, please don’t delay to explore our premium glass centerpiece chandelier collection!

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