Rose Petal Soap


Rose Petal Soap Wedding Favors For Your Special Day!


Rose Petal Soap

Family and friends have come together from near and far to join you in celebrating one of the most significant milestones of your life. And while strong feelings of gratitude might be impossible to put into words, you can show some appreciation by having them take home this delicate and aromatic Rose Petal Soap as a souvenir.

Each rose is made of dainty petals that look like the real thing but are formed entirely of soap. Also comes in a special gift box and is wrapped in a satin ribbon so that you won't have to do anything to get these beauties ready. These soap petals are an absolute lifesaver, especially when organizing a big party or event. Whether it's for a wedding, anniversary, birthday party, baby or bridal shower, we've got you covered with our jazzy soap favors.

Nothing beats our Pack of 6 | Red Scented Rose Favor Soap Gift Box with Ribbon | Baby Shower Favors in saying "I Love You" on Valentine's Day. For somber moments generally associated with marriage and spirituality, our Pack of 6 | White Scented Rose Favor Soap Gift Box with Ribbon | Baby Shower Favors are the right fit. 

Instead of gifting someone a bouquet of flowers, why not give this cheery Pack of 6 | Yellow Scented Rose Favor Soap Gift Box with Ribbon | Baby Shower Favors which is associated with friendship and happiness due to its vibrant color. Sweet and understated, this Pack of 6 | Peach Scented Rose Favor Soap Gift Box with Ribbon | Baby Shower Favors suggests humility, honesty, and gratitude. Give them as mementos in place of a thank you note to show your guest how you really feel.

Soap Wedding Favors
Soap Party Favors

These soap wedding favors are also the perfect addition to spring-themed parties, Mother's Day, and every "I love you" occasion, and for resale in gift and bath shops. Simply wet each petal in water and rub between hands for a rich, luxurious foam with the sweet scent of roses in bloom all year round.

Soap party favors are the new trendy mementos to give guests. That's why TableclothsFactory highly recommends our collection of enchanting Rose Petal Soaps because they not only smell divine and make a wonderful waste-free souvenir for any event, but they will also be a pleasant reminder of your friends and families special day with you. Strew roses like love all around your home, wedding, or any event by pairing our rose soap with our silk rose petals table confetti.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to use rose soap petals ?

Ans: Whenever you want, take one petal from your flower and use it to wash your hands, bathe or shave. The petal melts into a creamy foam that is moisturizing to the skin. A petal that is not fully used can simply be saved for the next use.

If you are traveling, you can bring some soap petals so that you will have a moisturizing wash on the go. Also, you can sprinkle some creamy petals in your bathwater. They will gradually melt for a skin-softening bath.

2. What is soap rose ?

Ans: Beautiful and practical, soap roses are soap bars customized and hand-carved into the delicate shape of real rose petals. Use them to decorate your favorite dish or apothecary jar to give bathrooms, spas, and salons the sweet scent of roses in bloom all year round. Also makes an excellent alternative to fresh flowers to give recipients with pollen allergies. These soap party favors are long-lasting and make a great decorative accent as well.

3. Where can I buy rose petal soap ?

Ans: If you are looking for the perfect gift for a wedding, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, or anytime you wish to treat your loved ones with a delightful keepsake, TableclothsFactory is at your service with our collection of vibrant and sweet-smelling scented soap wedding favors. These realistic looking soap roses will give a uniquely indulgent and fragrant bath experience.

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