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Rose Petals

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Rose Petals

It goes without saying that nothing can beat the romantic flair like petals, elegantly scattered all over an aisle or a table. Still, like all living blossoms, they tend to wilt and wither at the worst possible moment. If you are looking to infuse your party space with a romantic flair without sweeping away all those withered petals, our collection of rose petals is the best place for you to shop from.

Crafted from silk with artistic intricacy, our artificial flower petals imitate the texture of their natural equivalents – the extensive range of color options, which go beyond all the natural laws, is the only thing to suggest that these beauties are an imitation. Thus, if you want to spruce up your space with the spirit of extraordinariness, we are at your service with our navy blue silk rose petals for table confetti, turquoise silk rose petals for table confetti, royal blue silk rose petals for table confetti, moss green silk rose petals for table confetti, hunter green silk rose petals for table confetti, and so on. Meanwhile, our blush silk rose petals for table confetti, ivory silk rose petals for table confetti, and pink silk rose petals for table confetti will inspire your romantic instincts with their natural charm. Whether you go for our navy blue rose petal for weddings, green silk rose petals, pink silk rose petals, silver rose petals, turquoise blue rose petals, white silk rose petals, you may rest assured that all of them are multi-purpose – thus, you can arrange them into an elegant table runner, aisle runner, a path leading to the door, use them to fill your bowls, vases, balloons, or scatter them around to eliminate all those empty gaps.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that rose petals and festivities go side by side. To let your festive moments last forever, we are happy to offer you our rose petals, which will never wither. In order to check out the whole range and learn how inexpensive our petals are, please don’t hesitate to drop by our rose petal collection now!

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