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Ruffled Taffeta Overlays

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Ruffled Taffeta Overlays

If you desire to spend your big day surrounded by the soothing allure of nature, look no further than our ruffled taffeta fabric overlays. Featuring petal-inspired ruffles sewn onto lustrous taffeta, these linens are reminiscent of flowers and trees.

Available in an extensive variety of colors, our taffeta overlays can easily blend in with any surroundings. Whenever you are looking to throw a forest theme party, we strongly recommend spreading our gold premium taffeta square overlay atop your plain tablecloth. To transform your tablescape into a bed of roses, you shouldn’t look any further than our lavender premium taffeta square overlay – this leaf petal taffeta tablecloth will remind you of those fragrant petals of spring blooms. In case you are going to host a sea-themed event, we can help you with our turquoise premium taffeta square overlay – the color and texture of this linen has a lot in common with an azure coast. Meanwhile, our black premium taffeta square overlay, which seems to be inspired by a crow’s wing, is a perfect investment for a Halloween event. 

At tableclothsfactory, we are aware, how  important it is to stick to a certain theme from beginning till the end. When it comes to themed events, our ruffled taffeta overlay collection offers a huge lot of options for your theme. If you are ready to surprise everyone with a stunning table setup, please don’t hesitate to shop from our taffeta collection today!

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