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Self Adhesive Buttons & Stickers

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Self-Adhesive Buttons & Stickers

If you want to surround yourself with rare gems, you don’t necessarily have to purchase real ones! Made from high-quality plastic, our self-adhesive buttons and stickers mimic the construction and regal sheen of their natural counterparts.

Depending on your artistic aspirations, feel free to choose from a huge lot of colors, shapes, and designs. In case you are in search of self-adhesive pearls for your underwater theme, look no further than our 486 pcs self-adhesive multi-sized diamond rhinestone pearl-shaped DIY stickers – while these craft jewels imitate the gloss of real pearls, they are available in more colors than a rainbow can offer! If you happen to be looking for crystal gem stickers, lucky you are – as our collection offers a huge variety of them, ranging from our heart design self-adhesive diamond rhinestone DIY stickers to self-adhesive multi-sized rhinestone DIY stickers. Whenever you are in need of rhinestone heart stickers and rhinestone letter stickers to add a personalized touch to your accessories, we can help you with our clear double heart diamond stickers and self-adhesive clear letter diamond rhinestone DIY stickers.  

With tableclothsfactory, you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to throw a bling-bling theme bash. If the shimmer and glimmer of your accessories is not sufficient to suit the occasion, or you simply strive to personalize them, our collection of self-adhesive stickers is the best place to shop from. Please don’t hesitate to visit it now in order to feel like a Diva on your significant date.

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