Sequin Ribbons


Sequin Ribbons

Looking for a sequin ribbon trim, which will accentuate your crafts without overshadowing them? Chances are you still haven’t checked out our sequin trim collection. In spite of their surprisingly low prices, these ribbons will transform your event into a celestial journey!

Featuring thousands of sequin rounds intricately stitched onto iridescent surface, our trims will impart a dazzling appearance to any garment and decorative accessory. In case you are looking for something thinner than a 3-inch sequin ribbon, we are at your service with our Regalia 3/4" Sequin Ribbons and also 80-yard Sequin Ribbon Trim, which is only 1/8″ wide. In terms of colors, you won’t be disappointed either. If you are in need of something other than a time-worn gold sequin ribbon or customary red glitter ribbon, we can help you with our emerald sequin ribbon trim, turquoise sequin ribbon trim, and beyond. Whichever trim you purchase, be sure to throw some sunshine or spotlight on it so that its seamless sheen will enchant the entire event. Regardless of the size and color, our sequin ribbon by yard is perfect for decorating your furniture, favors, pew bows, headpieces, centerpieces, banisters, backdrops, and more!

At tableclothsfactory, we strive to make your decoration process fast, enjoyable, and hassle-free. Though you’ll need no more than 80 yards of sequin to bedazzle everyone, the regal allure of our ribbons coupled with an affordable price will make you purchase much more. If you are ready to bedazzle everyone, please don’t delay to visit our collection right now!

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