Stitched Ribbon


Stitched Ribbon


Saddle stitched grosgrain ribbon is a flat ribbon that's very straightforward to craft with. It emphasizes colored fibers sewed by the sides of a dense grosgrain ribbon. The grosgrain material is not stiff like most grosgrain fabrics, instead, it is sewed with a herringbone-like design. This saddle stitched ribbon is available in many shades and is composed of 100% high-quality material which gives it a superbly natural feel.

Our saddle stitched grosgrain ribbon is made of premium quality nylon, cotton, and synthetic fabric materials and it is used to craft the plain weave corded fabric with a textured appearance and a sturdy look. TableClothsFactory's stitched grosgrain ribbon is a popular choice for clothing, hats, collars, labels, hair bows, crafting, hair accessories, packing, and many other possibilities including party backdrops, Marriage reception and gift or favor wrappings.

Add a dash of style and beautify your plain decorations and arts and crafts by adorning them with matching hue or contrasting shade with stitched grosgrain ribbon. Create a perfectly personalized party ambiance by accenting your favors and gifts, attires and hair accessories, floral arrangements and pew bows with the coordinating tone stitched grosgrain ribbons. Pick a classic and cute stitched edge ribbon to upgrade your crafts. Red & White saddle stitched ribbon has a simple yet delightful design perfect for your crafts. Craft your way to adorable designs with this stitched edge ribbon!

TableClothsFactory carries stitched ribbons in a wide variety of sizes & styles. Available in different designs, satin, sheer, grosgrain, checks, stripes & more. Need a ribbon for an invitation? Our saddle stitched grosgrain ribbon will help you create that elegant look. Excellent for gift wrapping, confectionery bags, wrap around boutonnieres, use as an accent on farmhouse home decor, gift baskets, or ornamenting for all occasions! It’s ideal for all of your crafting demands whether you are creating memorabilia or embellishing a gift, our stitched ribbon will certainly be a pleasant add on.

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