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Tapers & Pillar Candles

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Tapers & Pillar Candles

Since the dawn of times, we’ve been always enchanted with fire. Even today, in the LED age, we can’t resist the magnetizing charm of dancing candle flames and whimsical shades they create. To this end, if you are looking to add a timeless element into your celebratory décor, look no further than candles. Those who need high-quality products shouldn’t disregard colored tapers & pillar candles from tableclothsfatory.

Made from high-quality materials, our taper candles are dripless, meaning that you can forget about those irritating wax spots here and there. Due to the 100% cotton wick, our dripless taper candles can burn up to 9 hours, which is way longer than an average party! Being absolutely unscented, these luminaries are 100% allergy-safe. Depending on your color palette and event theme, feel free to choose from our 12 pack 10'' white premium dripless taper candles or 12 pack 10'' red premium dripless taper candles. Whichever option you pick, red or white taper candles, both of them will look tantalizing in combination with our crystal chandelier candelabras, metal candlesticks, diamond pendant candle holders, glass vases, or whatever deserves a touch of timelessness!.

At tableclothsfactory, we strive to help you make your creative ideas reality. If you are looking for high-quality candles for your centerpieces, please don’t hesitate to consider our unscented taper candles from our online store!

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