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Table Vases

Are you looking for something to enhance your interior? Plants always brighten up any space, especially if they are competently matched in style and placement. Make no mistake with our wide collection of vases & planters that harmoniously complement any interior.

If you are into modern minimalist style, you can never go wrong with our decorative glass vases. Whereas, our gorgeous metal vases offer durability without compromising aesthetic design. If you want to upgrade your entry halls and patio to a whole new level, you can never go wrong with our collection of tall and floor vases.

Don’t forget to add a little touch of grandeur with our vase fillers and vase lights decor to make your decorative vases truly shine. At the same time, have your planter boxes stand out by placing them on our fancy pedestal stands. For instance, if you are fond of elegance, our marble ceramic vase planter pots and acrylic pedestal risers look classy together.

Modern Indoor Planters
Bowl Fillers

With our extensive range of shapes, sizes, and designs of decorative table vases and decorative plant pots, TableclothsFactory is surely the best place to provide you with durable and appealing vases & planters at unbelievably low prices. Visit our online store now!




1. What to put in vases for decoration ?

Ans: From everyday use to seasonal updates, table vases are the perfect choice to quickly liven up and enhance the look of any interior space. But if you don't want to follow the norm of filling a big flower vase with a bouquet of fresh or artificial flowers and foliage, here are a number of things to put in flower pots other than flowers that will suit every design style and budget.

  • Several eye-catching twig rattan balls or preserved moss balls inside a clear vase for living room will make a lovely decor and at the same time hide flower and plant stems. 
  • Add a classy touch to a large vase decor by layering different tall vase fillers like faux pearl beads, water jelly beads, or acrylic floor vase fillers.
  • Assorted garden pebbles and white fine sand makes a great decoration to place in various unique vases.
  • Place mixed seashell decorations in transparent contemporary vases to give your living area a relaxed beach vibe.

    2. How to decorate a large floor vase ?

    Ans: Modern floor vase decors are a great way to fill in empty spots and awkward corners in your abode and turn it into a beautiful, polished living space. These dramatic tall vases for living room and other areas can easily be incorporated with any aesthetic and décor, making them the perfect accessory for every home. Regardless of your room's current theme, rest assured that tall flower vases can alter the look and bring in a sense of symmetry to any room.

    Fill a large white floor vase according to its capacity. Either fill with artificial flowers and leather fern branches. Know that having enough amount can significantly benefit your vase's look. You can also create a chic and ultra-modern living room by filling a large glass floor vase with flowers, birch branches, or orchids. Add a natural touch to its elegant look by filling the plant vase halfway with pebbles to stabilize the stems and branches.

    A mirrored floor vase is also a great addition to contemporary interiors. For a sleek and stylish accent, fill in an empty corner next to the staircase with a mirrored vase or display one in a minimalist bathroom. Flank the front door or adorn a foyer with gold-finished metal floor vases. Display vase of flowers according to the season or showcase them as is because silver floor vases already look eye-catching even without additional embellishments.

    3. Where to get filler beads ?

    Ans: Add depth, volume, and texture to the overall appearance of your home projects and decorations by incorporating TableclothsFactory's wide variety of bowl fillers. Use these jar fillers to line large decorative plant pots and cute succulent planter decors and adorn anything from centerpieces to creating lush floral arrangements, succulent terrariums, and other craft projects.

    Our glass vase fillers, vase rocks, vase filler balls, and other decorative bowl fillers come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes so you can mix and match to your liking. Enhance their appeal by combining with LED vase sights or submersible LED lights. Whether you pair these filler beads with other accent pieces or some of your favorite plants, they are sure to infuse a simple yet elegant look wherever you place them. From dazzling pear-shaped glass filler beads to instant snow powders, we have just about everything you'll need to spruce up any section of your home.

    4. Where to buy centerpiece vases ?

    Ans: Whether you're looking for inexpensive floral vases to hold freshly cut flowers and foliage or a few high-end-looking pieces to display around your home, TableclothsFactory's collection of vases is just what you need to turn any bouquet of buds and blooms into a gorgeous statement piece. Show off your best bunch of florals and cut greens in our high-quality crafted vases which come in diverse vase shapes, colors, and styles to match every aesthetic. 

    We offer elegant flower vases that are versatile enough to hold a single stem of greenery or a large number of your favorite blooms. If you're looking for simple floral containers that are stylish yet have a pocket-friendly price tag, you can't go wrong with our durable glass vases for plants. Decorating with our unique flower vases comes with endless possibilities, so shop for a few different styles and invest in vases that make excellent decorations, with or without flowers in them.

    5. Where to buy inexpensive planters ?

    Ans: Even if you're not lucky enough to have a green thumb, you can still fill your home with realistic-looking artificial flowers and greenery, so why not showcase them in equally beautiful modern indoor planters to make them look even more realistic? For stylish and pretty pots for plants that you can set on the ground, place on the table, or anywhere you desire, look no further than the trendy selections of pots and planters from TableclothsFactory.

    We have a wide range of flower pot sizes, colors, and style options to choose from, so you can find the best planters for sale to hold your trailing florals and greenery. Keep it chic with our succulent plant pot ideas, show off your creativity with our box planter holders, create a modern display with our flower stands, or create a warm and welcoming outdoor space with our front porch planters that is sure to match any home decor style.

    Whether you place them indoors or outdoors, the possibilities are endless when you decorate with our planters. Get ready for the easiest home upgrade of your life and infuse the much-needed energy into your living space with lush accents in long plant pots that won't break the bank when you shop from our selection of affordable foliage and floral planters.

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